Nestle Cremora Lite Coffee Creamer

4,4 5 0 75 75 Less fat, great creamy taste. Contains 26% less fat that regular CREMORA!
Nestle Cremora Lite Coffee Creamer


No Milk But Creamer Please
I'm not a huge fan of milk in either my coffee or tea. There are times when i do get a craving for a creamy coffee, and Nestle's Cremora Lite Coffee Creamer is definately a winner. Creamy without the guilt.
cremora still has the same taste
I am not much of a powder milk person but must say wanted to try it out and still has the same taste as the original one and now it's included in our groceries as one of the family members loves it.
Creamy taste
It still has the great creamy taste we expect from cramora. Love it
I love it and it creamy. When taken with coffee
Magic in a boks
No need to buy expensive coffee only add two spoons of cremona then you have a "lekker" cappuccino. Can't go without this product it is amazing.
Cremora lite
A good product but I do prefer the original for taste
Add a creamy taste to your coffee and enjoy the aroma
Best For Heart
With an underlying heart condition the original made me feel flustered after a cup. The lite cremora is best because still the same great taste but healthier. Yes I would recommend
Less fat doesnt make my heart beat fast after drinking coffee,i love it
Nestle Cremora Lite Coffee Creamer
Nestle Cremora Lite Coffee Creamer has less fat and a great creamy taste.
Good creamy
It's great a does what it says. Make your coffee creamy and tasty
coffee creamy
this coffee creamer is very tasty and can be added to any hot drink to make the taste deliciously creamy.
Good product
I've been using this since then and it's an excellent product, I like it
all rounder
I love the taste, in my house hold i use it for soo much. i bake with it ,i make my creamy samp and sauces. i highly recommend it.
Nestle Cremora
first time i had this with coffee, very smoth and creamy absolutely love it

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