4,6 5 0 1885 1885 The NEW Colgate Total 12 toothpaste improves the health of your whole mouth, and helps reduce germs on teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums.</p> Click <a href="https://www.clubshop.co.za/colgate-total-12-range-5-pack.html"><b>here to BUY</b></a> the product.
NEW Colgate Total 12 Range
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Whitening and no plague
With Colgate total 12 toothpaste my teeth have whiten significantly and for up to 12Hrs there is no plague on my teeth at all. I am definitely leaving my toothpaste for this one.
Very Good
Happy with the product. Did see improvement in the whitening.
Colgate Total
This is definitely a superior toothpaste. I buy it every month. I would happily recommend it to anyone.
Tried & Tested
Great range and not overly minty which means even the kids can use it :)
5 stars!
Love it ! Asome product. Can really feel the difference in my teeth xxx
I got the Colgate Clean Mint. It made my mouth feel clean and my breath smell fresh afterwards. The Mint Taste is also not too intense which is good. I will definitely consider buying this product.
fresh kiss
I prefer the gel but that is just preference, really enjoying this toothpaste gives a nice fresh feeling and taste and therefore does feel like it works well
Love it!
Leaves your whole mouth feeling clean and fresh. Visible whitening difference
It's the only tooth paste my daughter will use great taste and does wonders to your teeth even got my husband using it now just bought another two
Best all in one toothpaste ever
A friend of mine- one of your Home Testers has given me one to try- and I absolutely love it! fresh, clean and long lasting feeling whole day, even noticed whiter teeth only after 7 days!!!! very impressed!!!!!
Excellent product
I have received this product to test and I absolutely love it. It's refreshing taste and long lasting freshness is amazing.
fresh breathe
my friend received this product for testing and she shared with me, i love it. It gave me fresh smell and my teeth are white now. I smile
Love it
Keeps teeth cleaner for longer through the day. fresh clean mouth.
Colgate Total 12
I love the Colgate Total 12 toothpaste. It makes my teeth feel smooth and my breath stays fresh for longer. Even my daughter of 5 years loves brushing her teeth with it. I will recommend it to everyone!
For healthy white teeth
Colgate is for whiter teeth, improve the gravity in of your teeth, avoid dentist appointments. prevent gum diseases, and a better smell and taste in your mouth. I absolutely love the new tooth paste and recommends this to everyone.

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