4,6 5 0 1885 1885 The NEW Colgate Total 12 toothpaste improves the health of your whole mouth, and helps reduce germs on teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums.</p> Click <a href="https://www.clubshop.co.za/colgate-total-12-range-5-pack.html"><b>here to BUY</b></a> the product.
NEW Colgate Total 12 Range
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I would be very interested in trying this new range. we normally just use the colgate blue. I would be interesting to see the difference and if this actually does what it says. keen to try
My friend tell me that this new Colgate is better then the original and it keeps your month fresh please send me a sample
Did not get the product to test it. So no review can be given.
i have seen some good results from this by checking on home testers page. i will definitely be going out to purchase it!
Please I wish to I can try it so that I can see it work
I only use Colgate toothpaste, however I haven't tried this, I love the original Colgate, maby this would make my tooth white...
Would like to try out your product. Got sensitive teeth and want to have a bright smile and fresh breath the whole day
I think i need to try this new Colgate Total 12 Range....It's top on my grocery list this weekend
Would love to try this!! Like toothpastes that have a great taste, hope this one does.
Love Colgate Toothpaste, would really love to get my hands on the 12 range samples.I buy the normal one every month and the whole family loves it. Please send me a free sample to test out

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