4,4 5 0 83 83 Powerful protection tested in real life situations. Dual active formula with 2 anti-perspirant actives and a long-lasting fresh fragrance. 48h effective anti-perspirant protection that cares for your skin.
Nivea Dry Fresh 48h Body Spray
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Great smell
I love this dry fresh antiperspirant stays on all day leaving my underarms smelling fresh for 48 hours
Lasting dry armpits
I use it daily and enjoy that it quickly dries up even when am in a rush. No skin irritation either.
true dryness and fresh armpits always have on my grocerylist
Nivea Fresh 48 hrs
This antiperspirant spray works well. Keeps me fresh and presentable.
Best purchase
Ive recently discovered this on the shelf and i am very impressed as i move around all day and i often end up in a sweat.. my under arms remains dry i dont smell of sweat and i love this as i work closely with people all day... 10 out 10 for this product
nivea dry
I have tried it but I am definitely not happy! I can smell myself within half of my day after spraying it which is about 6 hours afterwards and I am still perspiring.
Does the job
It really works to keep one smelling fresh and feeling great, all day.
This product makes me feel fresh and i absolutely love it, i also do not sweat when i use it.
I love all Nivea products. It keeps me dry and leaves no residue. The nozzle is pretty awesome to use.
I like nivea products they keep me fresh all day. U'll never go wrong if you choose it
Nivea Bodt spray
Trying this product , was a new experience for me, since I like roll-on products normally. Found the actual spray mechanism so nice, since it sprays in misty clouds and does not leave a wet residue. The actual fragrance did not last as long as I hoped.
Smells very nice
I really like the smell and the I also really like the design on the can. It opens and closes very easily. No more hassles with a lid.
Good Job
I used this by chance over the weekend while visiting family, left my roll on in the car and had to ask my cousin for what she uses gave me this and I must say it did an amazing job, will be buying it.
i smell great
love the new shape tin , easy to hold and still the same great smells, doesn't leave white powder marks.
Really suprised
I normally only use perfume and spray does not last long. But I am really impressed with this one. It really lasts and smells wonderful

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