Nivea Dry Fresh 48h Body Spray

4,5 5 0 91 91 Powerful protection tested in real life situations. Dual active formula with 2 anti-perspirant actives and a long-lasting fresh fragrance. 48h effective anti-perspirant protection that cares for your skin.
Nivea Dry Fresh 48h Body Spray


Dry AND fresh!
The Nivea anti-perspirant range is one of my favourites! This product specifically smells very nice and I smell it throughout the day, but best of all, it keeps my armpits dry! This product is a winner!
Fresh smell
This Nivea deodorant smells great (that said my smell is not great after covid). It's not as good at keeping me dry, but I do feel fresher.
RB Brown (Cape Town)
Fresh smell, convenient to fit in bag, lock securely,give confidence and available at most stores, always on promotion at dischem and clicks.... Fresh like a flower all day long ... 🌸🌸🌸🌸
Nivea Dry Fresh 48h Body Spray
I'm really obsessed with Nivea products because they always offer protection and they'll leave you feeling fresh and smelling great
Good product
This is a cost-effective deodorant as you safe on the larger container. It does what it promise to do and keep you fresh for the whole day. The fragrance is lovely as well. This is my second choice. Dove still being my first.
Nivea Dry Fresh
I have used this product quite a few times and I one of the choices I would make off the shelf. It keep me fresh during the day and helps with the sweat when I play roller derby. amazing product.
Perfect indeed
I really leaves body smelling good and fresh Perfect
Nivea products are the best
I just love Nivea products because they always offer protection, freshness and leaving you feeling confident. This anti-Perspirant is also my go to go product and I just can't stop buying Nivea products
Nivea Dry Fresh 48h Body Spray
I love all Nivea Products.the product smells great and last long, it makes me feel fresh i love it.
Dry and Fresh
Keeps you dry all day long. This is a dependable buy.
Almost got 5 stars
The product smells great, and lasts long. You still feel fresh after a long day. However, it releases this thick white mist that hardens and keeps flaking off. As i was getting dressed and moving around the flakes were just everywhere.
Great smell
I love this dry fresh antiperspirant stays on all day leaving my underarms smelling fresh for 48 hours
Lasting dry armpits
I use it daily and enjoy that it quickly dries up even when am in a rush. No skin irritation either.
true dryness and fresh armpits always have on my grocerylist
Nivea Fresh 48 hrs
This antiperspirant spray works well. Keeps me fresh and presentable.

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