NIVEA Men Body Deodorizer

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NIVEA Men Body Deodorizer


Just oky
Was oky just a bit weird to have a mist. Not too bad.
Love the new cool look and the fresh smell of nivea men I fall in love over and over again with my hubby
Nivea body deodorizer
I received this as a sample and gave it to my husband to use, it smelled nice and he mentioned that it lasted longer than normal deodorant sprays. Been purchasing it since
great freshness
i felt so fresh and confident after applying under arm and on my cloths , so great and smells divine.
Fresh at its Best
So i had my Fiance trying this product and honestly it smells extremely good,fresh and light. I highly recommend it to be part of the toiletry box.
Nivea does it
Nivea Men Body Deodorizer Cool Kick. I like the fact that it does not use the conventional propellant that gives you a continuous spray as long as you press down, but rather a burst with each "squeeze" I tested Cool Kick, it starts off strong but after a few minutes it is a rather pleasant smell that lasts. I think Nivea are onto something with this product.
Great on my skin
I tried the Nivea sprint body deodorizer. I love the fresh smell. It’s similar to a cologne. The smell lasts most of the day too.
long lasting
as a dancer it helps to have a deodorant that is long lasting and smells great
Hubby smells awesome
Since receiving the trial, I will not let my hubby use anything else. Long lasting and absolutely divine smelling, Clean and masculine subtle smell. Thank you for introducing this product :)
Great Smell
My husband has been using this product since it came out and I will never ever buy any other spray for him as it just makes me melt when I smell him. I smell him when his left the room and I smell his clothing after a long day at the office like his just put it on but the best has to be laying on his chest smelling the goodness.
Soft and cool
A colleague of mine received samples to share, he then gave me a sample so that hubby could tests as well. Hmmm it is very nice has that gentle aroma on it, I could not hold myself but test as well.
Boyfriend's Number One Deoderizer
This product is my boyfriend's (well my choice :D) most favourite deodorizer. This leaves him smelling absolutely amazing, while maintaining this clean refreshing smell throughout the entire day.
Great smell
I received a sample from a friend, i am fond of the fragrance & have bought it ever since.
This deorant smells refreshing, it works long hours.
Fresh and energised
My friend's hubby received samples for this product and shared with my hubby. I then tested his sample. Hmmm very nice and fresh. You could not tell that it is for men. The aroma is very nice and worth the price retailing at in most recognised retail shops.

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