Nivea Men Strong Power Shampoo

4,9 5 0 67 67 Enriched with revitalising sea minerals Strong Power Shampoo: strengthens your hair, is mild and gentle to scalp and hair and is suitable for everyday use.
Nivea Men Strong Power Shampoo


Nivea men strong power shampoo
It smells amazing. Bought it for my partner and he loved it!
nivea men strong power
simply a must in my house hold... my husband and son love this as its daily use for them. keeps they hair smelling fresh and clean.
Dandruff Free
One of the best shampoo I have ever used It keep your hair and skull fresh, stronger clean for a long period of time Say Bye bye to dandruff and say hallo to Healthy fresh hair I highly recommend this product.
Most trusted brands
I bought this Nivea extra shampoo for my husband, he was having lot dandruff and dry scalp. Since he used this product he has dandruff free and leaves the scalp smooth and moisturized. Also my son is using the product, he loves it. It has a pleasant smell and my husband recommended to his freind.
Happy customer
I bought this for my partner, it really leaves his hair and beard smelling fresh after a shower, love it.
My man loves this product. It is the only one he wants to use
Long lasting
I received this product free when i purchased from checkers 60sec delivery. Leaves the hair clean and product is soapy so you dont need 2 add much .also has a nice smell
Great Product
The males of the family loves this shampoo. They always have a fresh and great looking hair. My husband uses it everyday and has a good smell but not overly strong. He just smells clean.
My husband has used this product and was happy with the result.
Does wonders
It does wonders for my husband hair my son's have tried it out aswell and they love the leaves there hair feeling and looking great. Doesn't leave any sticky residue of oily feeling
Nivea Men
Easy and efficient giving you a radiant feel and smooth skin
Nivea Men Strong Power Shampoo
My husband and sons have been using the Nivea Men Strong Power Shampoo for a while now. Its really gentle to use on a daily basis. It keeps their hair clean and smelling fresh all day long.
I bought it for my husband as he had the sweat smell after running but normal soap wasn't helping. I convinced him to try yhis, he cannot do without it anymore
Nivea Mens Shampoo
I have purchased this shampoo for my husband and teenage son. It takes care of dry scalp, leaves hair shiny and well nourished. The overall condition of my husband's dry hair has improved since using this product.
Nivea Strong Power Shampoo
my sons suffers from dry scalp I tried this shampoo it works it leaves the scalp dandruff free and smelling nice.

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