4,5 5 0 1496 1496 NIVEA Perfect & Radiant 3 in 1 Cleanser enriched with natural White Clay works in harmony with your skin and is specifically developed for skin prone to oiliness and blemishes. The formula effectively removes impurities and make-up to prevent breakouts which cause dark marks and blemishes. It also helps to remove and prevent shine for hours and mattify the skin. Fine beads gently exfoliate dead skin cells without drying out the skin. Your skin looks fresh and clean and feels soft and smooth.
Nivea Perfect & Radiant 3 in 1 Cleanser
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Good face mask
I use this product mainly as a face mask and I think it works pretty well. A bit too rough for me to use daily as a face wash
Very fresh
It’s a good product leaves skin feeling clean and fresh
it leaves my skin feeling smooth, radiant even without makeup
Not bad
There was no difference in my skin,as it was still dry and still having black spot and remain dull
awesome product
Last year i started to use markup on a regular basis and within a week i started to break out. I purchased the 3-1 together with their make up remover and it has done wonders on my skin. It clears blemishes within the first 14days. Im loving this product and would suggest it to friends
leave your skin smooth and soft...with a natural matte finish
Nivea Face
gentle on the face and tingly fresh sensation when washed off on face.
keeps my face fresh
this is the best i like it ...it keeps my face fresh
Perfect and Radiant
It's so perfect it tones, cleanse my skin was oily but it is just flawless now. i had acne but my skin clean smooth and beautiful i don't even have black heads. Thank you Nivea
Its good for all type of skin, have tried it with my friends and family they love it. It leaves skin fresh, smooth and clean.
wow i tried it last year 2019 and i love it and i love the fact that you can use it as a mask as well, it is working for me
Nivea Perfect & Radiant
I think it might be a good product however it was a bit rough on my face so I didn't enjoy using it that much. But I gave it to my sister and she said she loved using it and that it left her face feeling smooth and soft after the very first use.
Absolutely amazing
I found that my dark marks not only reduced over a period of time but my face looks so clear and my skin is health and glowing. My mark have faded and continues to be more and more less viable. I feel the softness in my skin and would definitely recommend this product to family and friends. Totally LOVE it.
i found that it didnt dry out my face like some other cleansing facial products
Perfect & Radiant
What I love with this product is 3 in 1, I can wash, scrub, or use it as clay mask and it only one product. For the first I have found a mask that does not irritate my skin or leave it to dry where it oil.

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