Nivea Perfect & Radiant Micellar 3in1 Cleansing Water

4,7 5 0 518 518 The gentle yet effective formula traps even small particles of dirt and make up like a magnet. Suitable for face, eyes and lips.
Nivea Perfect & Radiant Micellar 3in1 Cleansing Water


Really good
The product is way more gentle on the skin than makeup wipes
Great for makeup removal. It is better to use this as compared to using wipes.
nivea perfect & radiant micelar
Help remove makeup better than the wipes No skin rash the next day after use would recommend it to my friends
The gentle yet effective formula removes even small particles of dirt and makeup so fast leaving your skin clear and smooth. Suitable for face, eyes and lips.
Does not irritate the skin. Works like a charm for make up removal or just to cleanse. Skin doesn't feel dry afterwards. Already on my 2nd bottle and will be a regular item in my skin care routine.
The best
So my niece always use this product for makeup removal. I think it's the best because she likes this over wipes.
Silky Smooth Cleanser
I love this product, it cleanses my skin after a long day wearing make up. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed and silky smooth. Make up sometimes leaves my skin feeling tight but Nivea does all the trick.
Great product
It removes make up way better than wipes and leaves skin feeling pure and smooth. Also Good for cleansing your face after a long day
Fairly ok
I used it to remove make up, it left the skin OK but one need to wash the face after that
Love it
I use this everyday after washing my face and cleans and makes my face feel really great, especially taking off make up, definitely recommend
Great product
I've seen changes in my skin as I always had breakouts due to acne since I started using this product. It cleanses my face so well and leaves it soft and clean. I would definitely recommend it
Very good and doesn’t damage my skin
I use a lot of make up and depend on wipes at first until I was told about this nivea water so ever since then it’s going and refreshing to my skin
Good product
If you are a make up wearing person, this should be your favorite thing lol. Removes all the makeup and leaves my skin soft and smooth.
After using the product, my skin feels smooth and very clean. I just love it!
M Nivea Perfect & Radiant Micellar 3in1 Cleansing Water
I got the special 3 for 2, the products description sounded great and easy for a simple lifestyle, however it does not remove, makeup, dirt and in general it leaves your skin feeling that it needs to be released. Burns the eyes as it is a watery liquid and you cannot put it on a cotton pad or cloth, as then it would be more ineffective.

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