Nivea Perfect & Radiant Micellar 3in1 Cleansing Water

4,7 5 0 665 665 The gentle yet effective formula traps even small particles of dirt and make up like a magnet. Suitable for face, eyes and lips.
Nivea Perfect & Radiant Micellar 3in1 Cleansing Water


Love it
It do wonders and also helps with oily skin, pimples and blemishes. I would highly recommend, especially if you have an oily skin like me. It also good on removing make up...
Convenience in a bottle
I absolutely love this! Removes makeup effortlessly and makes my skin feel amazing.
Good to use after make up
Very good for skin it hydrates the skin after use of makeup. It won’t leave your skin dry after using. It smells nice and it also smells natural. Also Good for dark skin. U can even use in winter.
The cleanser
It cleans and softens my skin.It is so gentle to the especially mine is sensitive.
Great product. Lifts makeup with minimal effort. Leaves skin feeling clean and fresh! I love it
Love that clean but not hydrated feeling after a long day!
Lovely product, good size, doesn't burn the skin or eyes. Does the job!
Love this this product,it removes makeup easily and doesn’t irritate the skin.
Try it to remove your make up
Love this product I use it every day to remove my make up and it's so mild it doesn't dry out my skin. Love it
Fresh feel
This gives the freshest daily confidence I need for my skin age!
Works wonders
I love it, it removes makeup easily and effortlessly. I would never trade it for anything and it comes highly recommended at the beauty stores.
This product it Clean's your face and leave it smoothly and fresh
I recommend to all people who have problem with oil skin and have problems of dry skin cause it makes your skin fresh and smooth and glowing, I love this product it never go wrong to any type of skin
Perfect for my dry skin and it's very easy to apply it.No need to wash it off nd no water needed.Very much convenient.
Excellent product
Lovely clean and refreshing feeling after use. Easy to apply and removes dirt and makeup without effort. Pleasant odor and cooling effect on skin. Great product!
Perfect radient
People who are facing skin problem may use this product and it's affordable I love this product ever since I've started to use it I'm looking perfectly fine
Soft skin
I jst bought it and my face when I use it it is always refreshing on my face and I would recommend it to anyone and the proof is my face and my two 👧🤼‍♀️that's all I can say

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