Nivea Protect & Care Anti-perspirant

4,6 5 0 132 132 New Nivea Protect & Care anti-perspirant with 0% alcohol offers you 48h protection.<p>Click the <a href="">BUY NOW</a> button to purchase this item.
Nivea Protect & Care Anti-perspirant


I'm a Nivea product lover , this product last long, keeps armpit dry all day, and leave no colouring or stains on clothes,
Lasts longer
Nivea always deliver its promises, this roll on smells good and last longer even during the hit sunny days. I would recommend that everyone who has sweating issues to try it out
Protection you can trust
Nivea doesn't let you down. Even during a long active day out in the sun, you still feel protected. The scent is pleasant. I appreciate the silky application feel. I would recommend it.
Nivea roll on 0%alcohol
The alcohol free is very good for my sensetive skin ,I have been using it for years now,no skin problems
Nivea roll on
I've been using Nivea roll on for years now and I'm just happy with the product,no sweat and prevents bad odour all day long. Definitely not switching!
Nivea the best
Love the nivea roll ons. They all great products. I have been using nivea for a couple of years now
Nothing is as good as Nivea Protect & care when it comes to taking care of body odour. I don't have to worry about sweating after a very hot long day.
I always use this. Has no residue and leaves you feeling fresh
All time favourite
I've been using this product for over 2years and I don't compromise. I don't sweat and my clothes don't become dry and damaged as my armpits rub around the armpit area. Best product ever
Always a great prospect for any woman its three only roll on i use its my BFF
All day freshnesa
My favourite underarm in the whole world. I have smelly underarms and if I must say nivea is the 1 underarm that works perfect for me and agrees with my skin
Longer lasting
Ive been using this product for yes and have never had a problem of bad odour. It lasts for more then 24 hours and it will never stain your clothes. My whole family uses it.
Not really impressed with this rollon because for the 3 i bought the roller ball wasnt working also it cut me. I was so mad because i love nivea products but this one is a no
No residue
No residue on clothing. Beautiful smell. However, I did find that the ball part leaked after a while.
Roll On
The smell is very nice and clean, I switched to this a very long time ago. It's keeps me fresh the whole day

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