Nutriseed Not So Naughty Chocolate & Pecan Nut Brownie Mix

4,3 5 0 31 31 Low carb, high in protein and dietary fibre with sugar free chocolate chunks. For that guilt free Not So Naughty treat serve with cream or melted dark chocolate.
Nutriseed Not So Naughty Chocolate & Pecan Nut Brownie Mix


Amazing product for 21st century mums
This is a very easy to mix product.Suitable for 21st century mums
I started a little baking side hustle and my clients love my Brownies. I'd highly recommend this brand
Low Carb Banting friendly
This was a plesant surprise, not dry at all and a wonderful "cheat" for someone living a healtier lifestyle with low carb and sugar free.
My whole family likes this. It's part of my monthly list. We use this as I in the go snack aswell because whether you put it in the microwave or not either way it's taste delicious!
chocolate brownie
I was so excited about the product being diabetic and wanting to make something nice, only problem is baked it and it came out dry and and i removed before bake time was done ,
Hazel nut treats
We love to back and cook experimenting , this is rich beautiful textured product, we love it.
Not so naughty
Great cheat! Tastes delicious and not dense as suspected for something that should have a high carb content.
Not so Naughty
Very good health option, very easy to make and tasty as well. It is something to get used to as it contains no sugar, but adding a little honey makes it delicious.
I would love to test and and write a review on this product.
I have not tried it and I surely like to sample it
I have not tried this product yet, it is possible to sample with friends and family
I have not seen this in the shop and would really like to try it out, please send me a sample
i would be very happy to taste this products. its looks nice
Trying my hardest to become healthy and make healthier eating choices but chocolates are my weakness. This as a healthy options could be very tasty
Yummy this looks delicious, my kids love Brownies, I love baking with my kids it's our bonding time ,haven't seen this but will love to give it a try.

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