4,7 5 0 175 175 Nyala has a strong heritage in KZN, the region that is known as “the place of the Zulu”. The proud Zulu nation has made Nyala a firm favourite for more than 55 years.<br> <br> Made from your favourite Nyala maize, it is pre-cooked making it quick and easy to prepare. It requires no cooking; just add hot or cold water or milk and stir. Because it is instant, you can enjoy your favourite maize when you are on the run.<br> <br> Nothing can be simpler and it is loaded with vitamins and minerals to carry you through the day. Choose from one of 5 delicious tasting creamy flavours; Original, Vanilla, Banana and Strawberry or try the High Fibre option.<br> <br> Serving suggestion: add a knob of butter or margarine along with hot or cold milk and sugar.
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Nyala Maise Meal
Love this product, smooth and easy to make. My husband loved it for making pap and my sons loved it for breakfast porridge
This is amazing and everyone in the family enjoyed it and it's easy to put it together even on the busy mornings, absolutely loved it and I always make sure that I purchase it whenever I can
This is a great product, easy to prepare, we usually have it at work with my colleagues as breakfast. great taste
Easy to prepare during our rushed mornings and a big hit with the kids due to the variety of flavours
I like the fact that there is so much difrent flavors each one of my family has there own favorite
Nyala Instant Porridge review
Tastes exactly like home-made porridge, although the texture does get sticky when its cold but as soon as its re-heated its as a good as a fresh bowl. No weird after tastes, very filling.
Monate mdoko
Soft and instant porridge, doesn't lose its flavour and nutrients while preparing it. Taste good and exactly like home-cooked porridge.
The smell is great and my kids loves it.
Its a very nice product,especial when you are mom without a nanny to help in the morning.
Great taste although lumpy
My family loves it although it turns out a little lumpy sometimes. Maybe I just make it wrong but the taste is still great though.
It too good to be true the smell on point
My friend gave it to me to test oh it smell good and smoth it was banana flavour i was keep on digging with a hope of finding banana at the end now i buy inyama it my daily breakfast at work
great taste
i love the flavors it smells absolutely divine and tastes amazing, also easy to use
Original Nyala Maize Meal
I received a packet of original Nyala Maize, and boy oh boy was I surprised. I was expecting to receive the instant porridge range, but thought to myself....let's give it a try. Wow! It is fluffy, soft, creamy, cooks perfectly, the taste is out of those world. A really rich KwaZulu Natal flavour. I added some butter, but there is really no need to do so. We had an amazing supper of Nyala Mielie pap, Wors and spicy spinach. Beyond delicious. My new absolutely favorite maize to use.
Inyala instant porridge
I like it and it easy to make especial in BANANA flavour it test nice
the most conviniant meal in the morning
the nyala instant porridge is great for the morning rush especially on days when we late my son is able to mix his porridge enjoys it as a shake on the go to school. He enjoys it even in the evening anytime when he is not up to a sandwich.
The best porridge
My family absolutely loves this especially the kids, so many different flavours and so easy to make prefect for those hectic mornings.

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