4,8 5 0 37 37 A creamy curry sauce infused with aromatic spices. Just add chicken, paneer, vegetables, chickpeas or lentils.
Pakco Curry made easy Cook-in-sauce Butter Chicken
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no more eating out
This is my go to sauce for butter chicken its flavourful and always leaves my crowd speechless i will make a bunny chow or serve it with rice and a small side salad its a must for all spicy food lovers
This product is so quick and easy to use, it is great with naan bread or basmati rice. I love the fact that there is so little to do. I would highly recommend this product especially for a quick meal
Butter chicken
I love this pre made butter chicken that u add chicken pieces then you look like a professional chef. Great flavor, add saffron to enhance
Cooking sauce
Tried it just love the flavor makes nice curry chicken will love to try other flavors
Needs more spice
The butter chicken flavor is nice but it needs some more spice "chilli'
Pakco Curry
Quick and easy curries, enough spices and flavor for the busy mom with a love for her food. Hubby still don't know the secret recipe.
Curry in a hurry
My favourite go to sauce for curries. The entire selection is great and a easy way to make a task normally takes hours, down to 30 minutes from stove to mouth.
Amazing. Used pressure cooker to prepare the chicken then poured the cook in sauce once it was ready and boiled for another 15 minutes.
The best sauce
I always have this butter chicken cook in sauce in ny cupboard and i only use this to maje my butter chicken i dont ahve to add anything in beside the extra ingredients my husband loves when i makes this and sometimes even requests this as a supper dish quick and easy to make hassle free cooking
Nice and Easy
Made it for dinner the other night. Did not have the cream so decided to add salted butter. Came out delicious and the whole family loved it. A must for easy cooking.
Easy and delicious
Very easy product for a quick dinner. Just add fresh cream or double thick plain yoghurt to your butter chicken and its good to go. Very delicious
Yummy butter chicken
I used this product as graved the original I had in Tanzania. It was creamy, tasty and full of aroma, it tasted like it was made from scratch and we all loved it. I recommend you try it
I have been using ALL the Packo curry made easy for over a year now, went with them through teir packaging changes, the works. Absolutely the best in flavour! Conveniet. Perfect combination of spices. A taste sensation in every way!! Top top notch.
5 stars!
I recieved this a while ago from a friend and i was very two minded but it was so tasty!
Curry made easy
I've been using this product for quite a while. It is such a quick and easy way to make a pot of butter chicken that tastes great!

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