Pantene Pro-V Classic Clean Shampoo

4,6 5 0 338 338 Gently cleanses, while giving hair active Pro-V Nutrients to help protect your hair, leaving it beautifully healthy looking. Leaves hair free-flowing and easy to manage.
Pantene Pro-V Classic Clean Shampoo


Pantene Classic Clean
This is our family's favourite Shampoo and conditioner. I occasionally switch it up a bit with other brands but constantly go back to Pantene as I can see and feel the difference in my hair. A definite recommendation from me!
Leaves your hair soft, silky and smelling lovely
Pantene Pro-V Classic Clean Shampoo
You cannot go wrong with this sjampoo. Fell in love with it. Makes your hair shine and feel extra soft after the very first wash. I like the fact that it that it can be used for any type of hair, and removes any build up from hairspray. Would highly recommend
It removes dandruff and leave your scalp moist free from dandruff. You will never go wrong with this shampoo
Clean and silky
This product goes so well with Pantene conditioner (various) It cleans your hair and protects it during normal day to day activities. Leaves your hair clean, silky and manageable.
best feeling ever.
I thoroughly enjoyed this product , as i often battle with most common shampoos , as it leaves my hair feeling heavy and oily. where as when i used this type of Pantene, it left my hair feeling fresh, light , flowy and all in all just rejuvenated.
Pantene shampoo
Leaves my hair clean and light, and shiny.
RB Brown (Cape Town)
Wash away all residues, shampoo smell fresh, is light, needs only a small amount to wash hair with ... Always on a special.. Keeps hair shiny and strong.... Last longer
Clean not fresh
Loved how this product cleans my hair, does not leave it smelling great tho.
Smells fresh and light
It smells great, makes my hair bouncy. My hair stays clean and non greasy longer and it is affordable
Very good for people with Dandruff
I usually cant use a lot of different shampoo brands, as I do get dandruff build-up . This product is one of few that does not cause dandruff build-up, and makes my hair feel so light and healthy. Would definitely recommend.
Love it.
Always had long hair, and always used Pantene. Combined with the conditioner my hair is always clean, shiny and soft. Have tried other brands but they just don't compare.
Shampoo Pantene
Leaves your hair soft and silky. The price was fair for the product. Just need a little and your hair is very lathered up. I like when my hair feels clean and looks great! I recommend it to everyone.
Shampoo that works for curlyheads too
I have curly hair and this shampoo has not disappointed me. After a wash my hair is left feeling clean with a natural shine.
Pantene Classic Clean
My daughter is currently using this for her long hair. Lovely product.

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