Pantene Pro-V Classic Clean Shampoo

4,6 5 0 349 349 Gently cleanses, while giving hair active Pro-V Nutrients to help protect your hair, leaving it beautifully healthy looking. Leaves hair free-flowing and easy to manage.
Pantene Pro-V Classic Clean Shampoo


Pantene AquA
I love the Pantene range of products. The Aqua is my go-to shampoo for oily hair. It works for me.
Shampoo who ?
This shampoo is a go to .. i love it is a right choice for consumers who usualy blow dry they hair so why not use this product?? Is fabulous and i love it ..
Soft and clean
The new range is amazing. I'm currently using the one that helps build strength. My hair is soft, super shiny and smells amazing. Last week I used a dye (hair colour) that was very harsh and made my hair brittle and stiff BUT after reviving it with the new Pantene it's made a HUGE POSITIVE DIFFERENCE! Don't waste money on anything else. This really works.
Simply love the Pantene shampoo and conditioner range, works Perfectly for me everytime !
i tried all shampoo before , this is the only product that leaves my hair looking and feeling healthy , with other brands my hair feels dry when washing it , but this is just excellent
Best in its price range
I have very fine hair which tends to get oily very quickly. I've tried several shampoos over the years and this is still my go to. Leaves my hair the cleanest, doesn't get oily as quickly and the smell lingers so much so I get compliments often. Value for money for shampoos in its price range.
One of the better brands
Clean and fresh after a shower lathers up nicely
I love the smell of pantene, not going to lie, but when ever I use pantene, I have forced to wash my hair every day as it becomes oily SOO quickly!! I feel its too strong or too heavy for my hair. I have fine hair, but alot of hair.
Best carer for damaged hair
This used to be my favorite conditioner but the rising price didn't allow me to buy anymore, but.. I could not recommend a better product if your hair looks tired and dull... I'll definitely buy!
classic clean
rich, foamy lather a little goes along way has a pleasant smell , leaves your hair feeling clean and fragrant.
Soft clean and fresh
I love all my Pantene shampoos and conditioners they leavemy hair so soft, clean and fresh.
Pantene does a good job of cleansing your hair but I have a problem with my hair falling a little to much while washing with this specific shampoo.
Pantene Classic Clean
This is our family's favourite Shampoo and conditioner. I occasionally switch it up a bit with other brands but constantly go back to Pantene as I can see and feel the difference in my hair. A definite recommendation from me!
Leaves your hair soft, silky and smelling lovely
Pantene Pro-V Classic Clean Shampoo
You cannot go wrong with this sjampoo. Fell in love with it. Makes your hair shine and feel extra soft after the very first wash. I like the fact that it that it can be used for any type of hair, and removes any build up from hairspray. Would highly recommend

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