Pantine Prov-V Aqua Light Virtually No Weight

4,3 5 0 162 162 This new lightweight Pro-V formula nourishes and strengthens, while it rinses away in seconds leaving virtually no weight on your hair.
Pantine Prov-V Aqua Light Virtually No Weight


I haven't tried this product but would like to as my daughter has long and thick hair
Excellent product
My option of pantien is wat an awesome products it definitely help restore broken and split end. Leave hair clean shiny and soft with an awesome smell.I would recommend this product.
Smell of this product is out of this world!
I purchased this product a few years ago already, when it just came out on the market. Since then I bought it a few times but now I have switched to a different shampoo. The smell is really nice and does not leave your hair for hours after you've washed it. You do not need much of the product yet it works well. The reason why I do not use it anymore is because my hair is really damaged due to bleaching so I use a product specially designed for my brittle hair.
A Very good product for oily hair. I dont need to wash daily as i did earlier
I use this product on a weekly basis, the only shampoo and conditioner I use, I have naturally fine hair. The other brand on the marked leaves my hair feeling heavy.
I'm loving the way it makes my hair feel. I got naturally thick curly hair. Now my hair does what I wants it to do
I find that it makes my hair colour fade much faster. ..
I usually use this product once a month to get rid of the build up of products I use on my hair and it works wonders, leaves my hair looking soft and bouncy, thank you for this great product
I have thin hair and this gives my hair volume and shine
I've been using Pantene for quite a while now and although, I tried other products in between, I always go back to Pantene as it makes my hair so soft and shiny
It made my weave smell nice and brought back it's volume and shine
Love this product! I have really thin hair and the Aqua Light doesn't weigh down my hair.
This is the only shampoo and conditioner i buy, i have tried the other brands and Pantene Aqua light works the best. Does not weigh your hair down. With my girls it takes all the knots out their hair and keeps it from getting too oily.
This is a watery product dislike this product by far
Yes,this is my favourite product. I love the smell,and love how my hair feels.

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