Personal Touch Auto Washing Powder Sheets

4,2 5 0 19 19 Personal Touch Auto Washing Powder Sheets, a first in SA, consist of washing powder compressed into thin, solid sheets. 1 sheet is equal to 1 load. A 90g box contains 18 sheets – enough to clean as much as 2kg of washing powder. It leaves no residue, just ultra-clean laundry.
Personal Touch Auto Washing Powder Sheets


Convenient and inexpensive
I use this my laundry and it leaves my clothes looking clean and smelling fresh. I find it does not remove the stains from my kids clothes though but it is perfect for my clothes.
Personal touch
Being a personal touch fabric softener fan, I was very excited about trying the sheets. Definitely a winner. I was a bit sceptical and used 2 sheets per load. I will be adding this to my monthly grocery list from now on!
Personal touch sheets
Nice unique packaging. Tried the whole packet, used about 4 sheets to wash a 9kg load. The sheets are too light. Smells good
Personal Touch Auto Washing Powder Sheet
My preferred washing cleaner is the liquid form however one month I tested the Personal Touch auto washing powder sheets due to it being cost effective and felt the product was not as strong as it needed to be. I would use 2 sheets on an 8kg washing machine and not all items would come out smelling fresh. There is definitely room for improvement if you are competing with the liquid range.
Easy and smelling fresh
Oh how fresh personal touch makes my washing smell. It's so easy to use. Just add and wash. I recommend everyone to try it out. It will leave your clothes dry for weeks to come.
You will want this ;-)
i like the reviews page always give more insight to a new product, and they didn't lie. the sheets are easy to use, clear usage amount instructions on the back. no extra liquid or powder messes around the machine drum. material is clean, smelling great and no static. i wont and dont use this for my son as he loves mud and clay and his clothing is always extra dirty but everything else its great.
Personal Touch Washing Powder Sheets
Excellent product and a fantastic idea, especially when travelling or camping. No leaky bottles or washing powder granules all over the place. Love the convenience
Really cool new product, so convenient, no mess, easy to store away, does the job properly, smells lovely. 10/10.
i will buy it again
This does a good job as a pre-soak for getting odours out. I was hesitant to try it as a detergent because the instructions were kind of confusing' So what I've been doing for stinky things is just using it as a pre-soak in the sink and then washing them with it and items come out clean smelling. It doesn't have any place of manufacture or contact info on it.
Great new innovation
Would love to try this as with a family of four there is always washing waiting to be done. Always looking for the best stain removal and protection for clothes
Works wonders...smell fantastic would recommend it to all
Cleans and smells amazing.
This product is simply a must have. I use it every time I do my washing. Whenever I see this on sale /promotion in a shop I tend to buy 10 to 20 boxes. I even use this in my car because the smell is absolutely amazing. It cleans great and my washing smells wonderful and fresh. This is a must have product.
it leaves no residue and its conditions while cleaning the garment.
New idea
Good idea, no mess. It's affordable. Would like it to be stronger meaning hopefully they improve on removing stains better. I like this concept alot. Would recommend for normal washes but will use actual powder for dirty stains. Please improve on these sheets and 100% everyone would buy it
peraonal touch
I love this product. Really works great for alot

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