5 5 0 74 74 Pick n Pay have just launched their Cake Wheat Flour in a bigger 2.5kg pack.
Pick n Pay Cake Wheat Flour: 2.5kg
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Just as good
This product is just as good as other well kn ow cake flour brands. I bake often and I like the fact that you can get extra points from PNP for purchasing their products. Its a win win
Buying Cake Flour in 2.5Kg packs make more sense. That is the size I have always bough in other brands, so it was easy to change to the P
This flour is cheaper than the well known products, but works just the same. I bake a lot, good value for money.
I tried this flour because it was only 14.99 for 2.5kg! and it worked just like other flour for shortbread. Also made some birthday cake and it tasted great!.
I bouhght the cake wheat flour and it bakes just as well as other flour and to me there is no difference.it is also a bit cheaper than other brands of flour
Huge value for money. I bake almost everyday and this product allows me to do so because of its quality and for the fact that it`s affordable.
Value for money product. Same quality as more expensive brands. A no-brainer on the shopping list
Good product and value for money too. Well done P`nP
I love it. Best product ever. Baked the best cookies
Very good idea to have it in a larger size and the prize suits me too
I have used this, not problems at all and I will continue to use it. Thanks PnP!
Works every time and at a lower price than most other brands!
just got confused with the Cake Wheat Flour when i was used to Cake Flour until i was told this is the same product. My baking comes out perfect - and the price is just right.
I have tried it, it bakes like a dream and cheaper than the other !!
I do a lot of homebaking and I was very impressed by this product and price, my baking came out perfectly

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