5 5 0 20 20 Pick n Pay have just launched their Cake Wheat Flour in a bigger 2.5kg pack.
Pick n Pay Cake Wheat Flour: 2.5kg
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Cake came out beautiful, saved trips to the shops.
This is really great and it works. will buy it over and over again
Im using this atm and it works like a bomb. Best part . . .its a quality product and cheaper than the other brands!
Recently saw the new size pack on the shelves and purchased it. From reading the comments already made, a lot of people don`t realise that "flour" has always been "wheat flour" and that just recently the manufacturers have started labelling it as "wheat flour".
This is what i`m currently using. It`s not bad at all it`s just like the other flowers. I have no doubts about it.
i always buy pnpay brands but have never come across this product. its a must buy for my weekend groceries.
Can not use this product, i`m shore it is great tho.
Not too sure on any Pick n Pay brands as their packaging is never one hundred percent the best. Would give it a try, but I`m very skeptical.
i love baking but have never tried this product but would really love to
i love baking, so would love to try cake wheat flour for my cakes and deserts. looks like a good product since its rich with wheat for digestion
Oh, I bake so often that is is something sure to try. I was planing to start baking my own bread, and this seems like just what I will need for it.
If the price is good i will definitely try this!!!!
I love to bake. This will definately be on my grocery list. If its cheeper - great!!!
Definitely going to try this, I bake often so am very keen to try this out.
I am a huge baker - my family

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