4,1 5 0 8 8 <p>Plush Bathroom Cleaner removes soap scum, lime scale and tough stains in one easy step.</p> <p>Plush Bathroom Cleaner is suitable for use on all areas in your bathroom; the bath, the shower doors and tiles, the toilet bowl, the basin and taps and faucet.</p> <p>Quick and convenient application. No need to dilute in a bucket, no need to rinse off. Soap scum, lime scale and tough stains will be effectively lifted with no residue. Your home will be filled with a clean, fresh fragrance.</p>
Plush Supreme Toilet Cleaner
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Plush Supreme toilet cleaner is a good product.
Plush Supreme toilet cleaner lives up to the standard that is most important when it comes to cleaning your toilet, and that is keeping our family toilet clean and germ free. Nevertheless, Plush Supreme is not my favorite product. I would have preferred a bottle with a bit longer neck.
Value for money
Good priced product. Works well and nice fragrances available to choose from.
Love this product. Your bathroom smells clean and fresh all the time. The smell lingers quite a while, which is nice.
Plush products are absolutely brilliant. I use the furniture polish and the all purpose cleaner. I will definitely go out and buy this next time I am due to shop
I have tried Plush supreme Toilet cleaner, it cleans well and smell great, the price is excellent.
what a great product, cleanses so clean and the smell is divine
My friend uses this wow amazing results. I have not tried it yet. would like a sample please
This product works really well and leaves my loo clean and fresh (tra la la)

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