4,3 5 0 18 18 It cleans and freshens toilet bowls by removing all those unwanted stains, leaving it smelling fresh! Liven up your bathroom with the Plush Supreme Toilet Cleaner's magnificent cleaning power, which is available in 4 fabulous fragrances – Lavender, Potpourri, Spring Fresh and Lemon.
Plush Supreme Toilet Cleaner Lemon Fragrance
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Sparkling toilet
Wow I would recommend it to everyone because I've seen that it leace s your clear as ever.
Magic Cleaner
Please please guys you have to try this product it's cheap & it does wonders , 2 months back I cleaned my toilet with jeyes fluid & I forgot to brush it off so my toilet had black marks all over tried all products to remove the stains but dololo & last week I spotted this product bought it & within some minutes stains where starting to fade away am stunt guys my toilet is spoitless clean. Please try it , am already recommending it to my colleagues,family and friends.
The toliet cleaner, works wonderful, hasel free and the toilet smells fresh and looks clean and sparkling.
Toilet cleaner
I like it my toilet is super clean .I will always add this product to my shopping list
Plush toilet cleaner lemon
Currently using this product. Smells good, works great, very happy.
The smell was amazing and the product cleans well.
Fresh toilets
This is an amazing product that clean and freshen your toilet spotless and breezy
great smell
great smell, works wonders and i like the lemon smell in the bathroom is refreshing
absolutely a fantastic product and not sorry i tried it
I have found that the smell does not last as long as the other brand we usually use but the price is very competitive.
Great, economical product. Nice size and smell great. Perfect for the drought in Cape Town.
oh i love plush the tile cleaner orange flavour it gives my house a freshly smell.I will definately try the toilet cleaner too
I love the potpourri variant. Cleans very well and leaves bathrooms smelling fresh. Will definitely buy this product again
I absolutely love this product, fresh clean smell and easy on the pocket
I love the washing my toilet with Plush Supreme Lemon. The Lemon smell makes the toilet smell hygienic clean.

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