4,1 5 0 67 67 Fruit Nectar Blend of Apple, Aronia Berry, Blackcurrant and Blueberry. Sweet and juicy.
PnP 50% Fruit Nectar Blend
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PnP 50% Fruit Nectar Blend
I love the packaging and suitable for my daughters lunchbox and snack at home and at school.
Pure juice
I love that the packaging is different and the juice taste so good.
Juice is Juice
I buy this because it's cheap and taste nice. My kids enjoy themselves when I add this for lunch to school.
value for money. Simple packaging. Good taste. Great on the wallet
Value For Money
Value for money. Simple packaging. Good taste. Great on the wallet.
i was a bit surprised at how tasty it was considering the price. I loved it and would definitely buy it again.
I bought this product one day at Pick n Pay whilst looking for juice and I now by it all the time. It's at home and even at work. Whenever I feel thirsty I pour myself a glass! It last surprisingly long and has great flavour and value for money
i have had these,they are not expensive,tastes good ,i love the guava . a good buy
I have bought this and sorry to say but it`s not my type of juice.
I just love this product. It is a must-buy item for me whenever I go to Pick 'n Pay. I especially love the berry flavor. It is very reasonably priced - great value for money!
I buy this all the time. its affordable and tastes really nice.
simple and convenient we love it as it has a great taste and it is easy yo keep in the fridge door to quench that thurst
Best on the market in terms of price and quality...I love it
This Juice is fibulas my husband always by the mango and orange hi loves it .
This is super delicious....it tasts so pure and doesnt even give you heartburn or"phlem on the chest" I usually by the orange or orange & mango flavour...

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