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PnP Seasoning Spices
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Love this spice
We buy this product regular it taste nice on pasta; eggs; mash; potatoes etc must try; will recommend it to every body
Taste is good
I tried it they taste really good and the meat comes out good even on chicken feet
Good buy
Tried multiple Pnp seasoning and herbs, they just as good as the usual brands we buy just pnp brand is a little bit cheaper
PnP Seasoning Spices
A tasty spice for all food types and affordable as well.
chillie explosion
the name just says it all. I love it, its a must have in the cupboard, grilled pork, eggs, stews, eeeverythiiing
PnP Seasoning Spices
Love the pasta seasoning great taste and nice flavour to your pasta dish.
how i enjoy coking using these spices
chilli spices are so nice and they not salty nor extra hot..i use them for my braai meat,chicken stew and chakalala.i would recommend them to anyone
Nice spice
Really great range of spices and are very reasonably priced. There are commonly great specials on these spices as well and my kitchen it nicely stocked with this brand.
Pizza spice
Very good in taste and flavour. Buys it every month.
I love the pizza and pasta spice. Something really cool and different to add to any dish really. The pnp brand spices are less expensive than their competitors.
Good alternative to name brands
I have tried a variety of spices from PnP homebrand and most of them are great. They less pricey than Robertson's or any other name brands and taste just the same and last just the same. If you're keen to save a few bucks on your monthly groceries definitely try the PnP seasoning spices. Their BBQ chicken and steak and chops are excellent.
Great taste
I recently purchased the Pasta seasoning and really like the taste!
I love the Chilli Explosion it adds a great taste to any meal.
I am 100% addicted to PnP's chilli explosion - I add it to everything, and even keep a bottle of it at work
The Pizza & Pasta seasoning is very nice gives my pasta a different mouth watering flavor i def recommend this product to every one instead of throwing a lot of different kind of spices on your pasta you can just go for one and that the pizza & pasta seasoning!

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