4,7 5 0 85 85 The two new PnP spices, Pizza & Pasta seasoning, Chilli explosion spice.
PnP Seasoning Spices
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I put the chilli explosion on almost everything I eat!! Definitely one of the spices I cannot go without.
i love the PnP spices plus they are affordable makes the food look and taste great every time i use them for different meals
The Chilli spice is my faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavvvvvvv!!!!!!!!
I love the Chilli explosion, its my go to spice in the house.
I love trying out new spices and the PNP range is quite amazing.
The Chilli explosion is a favourite in our house. My 11 year old son likes making his "secret" guacamole with this.
these spices are really good, it changes the way the food taste Nevashinee Durban
we love the pizza and pasta spice in our household. its a new regular also nice on chips!
Have try the Pizza & Pasta seasoning my son loves it he, he puts it on everything he eats from fried chips to mash potatoes on his eggs he can't get enough of this seasoning. Best spice ever will recommend this to all my friends.
pnp spices are realy nice and make food taste real nice.tried the pizza one when i made pizzas and disnt need amy other spice was realy nice.yum yum
oh my word!!!! the taste it leaves in your mouth is great, I have tried the Pizza and pasta seasoning, it just blends well in the pot . I could eat pasta all day everyday with that seasoning on it .
Have tried the chilli exploring on my meat and what an amazing taste.have not test any of your other tastes and would love to
Have tried the pizza one and it us really tasty. Garlic is not overpowering
very, very flavorful!! I enjoyed the purchase, and recommend all to buy
We haven't tried the pizza and pasta seasoning but the Chilli Explosion is amazing. Use it on almost everything

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