4,7 5 0 85 85 The two new PnP spices, Pizza & Pasta seasoning, Chilli explosion spice.
PnP Seasoning Spices
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Kindly send samples for test and review on my blog senthy.wordpress.com. I review products, venues and experiences whilst keeping it real.
Kindly send samples for test and review as I would love to finally get a box for review soon
After reading the reviews, i would love to give this product a try.
Melony CT, oooohh these looks interesting. I would love to try these out and see how I like them. would definitely love a sample to share.
I love cooking...this would be perfect for my meals. I would love to try it
Wow, I would love to try the Pizza & Pasta seasoning. I normally make mini pizza for my kids lunch boxes and i'm always trying out new ingredients.
Have not tried the PNP new range, I would really love to. Please send samples
I havent tried this yet but woukld love to try the pick n pay brand. it seems very interesting
I have not tried this product and I have not noticed it PNP either. I must make an effort to check better on my next visit :) Would love to try it!
Would love to try this product, especially the pizza one as I make my own pizza using frozen bases.
Sounds good Have not seen this Will LOVE to try and have samples please
Pick n pay is one of the shops I buy my groceries. I have not seen it on the shelves as yet but I sure will try it. I love trying new and unique spices. I definitely have a lot different spices in my house.
i would like to try this product as i like experiencing new flavors
This sounds awesome. Would love to try it. Gonna look for it tomorrow.
I have tried the chilli explosion, the price was alright but I would like to try the pizza and pasta next!

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