4,4 5 0 748 748 POND'S Pimple Clear is the world's first lock and clear technology, the formula which locks the bacteria and cleanses it away. The perfect solution which visibly reduces pimples and helps protect the skin from future break-outs.
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Great product
Very happy with this product I love how it removes pimples it’s a great product to have
I tried this product when I was having problem with my skin.I was happy to get a small one in the stores of cause I loved it and ended up buying a big one .I would recommend it to my friends and family
Pimple Clear
very Pleased ,removed pimples instantly ,,very happy
Ponds pimple clear
It works wonders for my faces will continue using it as I see some changes
Works wonders
my teenage son uses it and he cannot stay without it. it helps clear pimples leaving yoru face looking good
Works like a charm!
It removed my pimples instantly and it also helps with black marks. My skin is oily and this product really gave me that matte effect!I would buy it again because it works! Ponds never disappoints.
I'm using this product it working miracle i dont have pimples anymore. so love it. when my brother that had blackheads it helped him very much
I don't have pimples but my skin is very oily, I tried it and it works and I love the fact that it removes make up too
Good product if you have mild skin problems
This product is amazing if you are suffering from a mild breakout or generally do not have major skin issues. Not only did it eliminate pimples, with continued use it helped my skin to no longer have random breakouts. I would not however recommend to people who suffer from more major skin issues like hyperpigmentation, acne scarring and skin sensitivity.
pimple free
I have tried this product on my face when i have break out it clears pimples its a wow.
I tried this,got it from someone and I think I received it as a samples as well but it didn`t work for me hey.
It really works I once used it and the results were extremely amazing
I'm using this product it working miracle i dont have pimples anymore I only have dark sport...it an amazing product .
Great Product! I have one in my bathroom. It has been working for me for the past 6 months. I use it every morning.
Not quite the product for me. If you have dry skin, stay away as the product dries your skin even more. Suppose it would work for younger skin maybe.

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