4,4 5 0 355 355 POND'S Pimple Clear is the world's first lock and clear technology, the formula which locks the bacteria and cleanses it away. The perfect solution which visibly reduces pimples and helps protect the skin from future break-outs.
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Clean and fresh
I love this!!! The texture of the face wash is creamy and keeps my face clear and feeling fresh. I use it daily.
Ponds pimple clear facewash
I have tried many face washes, but when I used the ponds pimple clear facewash , I stopped trying anything else, ponds pimple clear is for me, it clears my pimples and clears the excess oil on my face, I use it every morning and night, and I would definitely recommend this product to everyone.
Amazing results
My teenage sister swears by this. Works so well at clearing pimples.
Works like a charm
I don't use this product everyday. But whenever i have a pimple, which is often, i apply this cream overnight and I wake up pimple free.
It works.
This product smells nice first of all, It is very effective at that time of the month ladies, been using it for 2 months now, Helps reduce your breakouts and leave your skin clear.
Great for pimples
Used this a couple of years back when I struggled with pimples on my face. Definitely made a difference ,I stopped using it once my pimples were clear.It didn’t help with my dark marks merely pimples.
skin saver
i always struggled with acne and still do at 35 years old, and this product really works! clears the skin and doesn't leave marks, and its affordable.
Ponds pimple clear
This is the best it removes pimples and clears my skin.Am using it on my pimple and they have cleared i like its non greasy form i feel so clean and it does not clog my pores
This product is incredible and leaves your skin feeling clean and radiant! Targets and clears pimples in no time. I'll definitely recommend this product.
Great product
Very happy with this product I love how it removes pimples it’s a great product to have
I tried this product when I was having problem with my skin.I was happy to get a small one in the stores of cause I loved it and ended up buying a big one .I would recommend it to my friends and family
Pimple Clear
very Pleased ,removed pimples instantly ,,very happy
Ponds pimple clear
It works wonders for my faces will continue using it as I see some changes
Works wonders
my teenage son uses it and he cannot stay without it. it helps clear pimples leaving yoru face looking good
Works like a charm!
It removed my pimples instantly and it also helps with black marks. My skin is oily and this product really gave me that matte effect!I would buy it again because it works! Ponds never disappoints.

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