Post Shredded Wheat

5 5 0 53 53 100% whole grain wheat and has 0 grams of sugar per serving, with no artificial fibre.
Post Shredded Wheat


I absolutely love it! No sugar needed, which is a huge plus for me. Great taste. Most definitely on my shopping list
It looks nice, would love to try it, I love that it has wheat in it
I have never tried this, and I would love to try it
Have not tried this product before but would love to try it
haven't seen this product yet. Is it new and what is the price. My new year resolution is to get more healthier meals for my family
can i recieve a product sample to taste. first time i see this product have not tried it before.
I have never seen this product, i would love to try it
I have never tried this or seen this in the shops yet. I would love to try this. Could you send me samples please.
I would like to try it as I love high fibre. I have not tried this new product before.I like to have different breakfast meals.
I have not try them but they hi fibre i would like to try them
I never heard of these product , but I would love to try it myself
I would also love to try this, never spotted it at shops as well where can we get this?
I have not yet tried this product, I am very interested in it as I only eat high fibre cereal
I have tried something similar to this product and loved it. Would love to try this, where can i find it?
Have never seen this in store before? Would love to try it tho, are there any samples to try it out maby???

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