3,8 5 0 67 67 Carbonated mango flavoured energy drink with taurine, caffeine and inositol with sugar and sweetener.
Power Play Mango Flavoured Energy Drink
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Energy boost
I really enjoy the original flavour! It always gives me an extra boost on days when i feel tired . The pricing point its affordable too . Will definitely recommend this and purchase it in the future!
Not the best
I've tasted the mango flavor, it's not the best tasting one, I prefer the original more than this one
Delicious mango taste
Purchased this as I was curious to know, what it tasted like as another brand also has a similar flavour. Power Play has really got the taste perfect! Would recommend this to those who love drinking Energy drinks.
Mango Power Play
Great taste. Very refreshing Cold. Mango taste makes it unique.
Play mango
Nice tasting ,they need more sugar free flavor to make it better
From someone trying to cut down on their caffeine intake ...
Great taste, if a little on the sweet side. Got it on sale from a national retailer, and it's best consumed cold.
Power Play Mango is both refreshing and energizing. I enjoy the taste especially when it it nice and cold. This energy drink has a unique and great taste.
Overall great drink love the taste nice flavor give energy
Best play taste
I just love this product! It is great tasting the best of all the plays for me. It is not to sweet and it does not taste like meds. Product is greatvas it is and i will recommend this.
Love it
Awesome flavor, im not really a drinker of this type of drink but love this flavor
Energy Drink
I’m not a big fan of caffeinated drinks but Play is that B** ... that one energy drink I can tolerate cause it’s not too much and the flavours are bomb. I really like the brand as a whole and what’s better than a mango flavoured energy drink.
I love anything with a mango flavour and this is good,the flavour of mango is just enough
Mango power play
The most delicious energy drink i have ever drank.it does not have too much sugar it is easy on the throat and it smells good too. It does not have too much caffeine.
power play
this is an awesome product. i absolutely love the flavour. it is refreshing and keeps you going through the day. off all the flavours they got i loved the mango and passion fruit. i would def recommend it
Its okay
I like it, refreshing although it does not challenge the original.

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