Protex Men Sport Shower Gel

4,8 5 0 234 234 Protects against 99.9% of germs. *<br> Fights Odour 10 times more than ordinary bar soap. **<br> <br> <i>*handwashing study vs E coli<br> **tested on S.aureus</i>
Protex Men Sport Shower Gel


Clean and fresh
Got this for my husband. Smells great and keeps his skin soft.
Protex shower gel
Bought it for my husband once and he loved it so much that when it finished he bought it again for himself, now it's the only shower gel he uses. He said his skin feels smooth.
Ease of use
Bought this for my husband. Absolutely in love with it. Easy to use and travel with😍. Highly recommend it.
Loved the smell
I absolutely loved the smell of the Protex shower gel... It left my body so soft. Very nice feeling. Loved it.
Protex men
Great fragrance. Longer lasting than the soap. Enjoy it especially for traveling.
Fresh shower
smell of this is best.,instantly felt clean while showering with this shower gel. I would highly recommend this to anyone and and everyone
I simply love the smell of this. I instantly felt clean while showering with this shower gel. I would mostly recommend this to all my family and friends. Please send some samples then I can hand out with recommendation.
Excellent for cleaning
I love this product as it leaves surface areas clean and it has a nice smell.
Feel Refreshed
After a good day at the gym, take this product trust me you will feel the freshness on your skin
Nivea Shower Gel
So refreshing and great for normal to dry skin. Usable anytime of the day.
Protex Men Sport Shower Gel
Protex Soap provides your family with superior protection. Its unique benefits will help to protect your family against 99.9% of germs while also helping to keep their skin healthy.
Sea breeze it 10time leaves you fresh energetic smooth when I'm using it u always fill fresh and energetic if you can make bigger size for us
I love using Men's Shower gels, the smell is so refreshing and lasts all day. Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. A wonderful shower gel and i highly recommend using this product.
Best ever
My son tried it. It give the fresh smell. His skin is left feeling cleansed, nourished and confident. Its long lasting
Smell fresh everyday!
This product is so effective. I tried it but actually bought it for my teen son. It gives a nice soapy lather and leave you smelling fresh

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