4,8 5 0 35 35 A slowly simmered, exotically spiced tomato based curry. Easy Indian Curry. Pure Spice Blend.
Rajah Beef Madras Curry Powder
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My beef stews have never been the same!
I have a range of these, beef flavors and chicken. They never disappoint. I used to make everything from scratch now it's minus a few steps from the recipes with these.
Packed with flavour
This Indian curry powder is the closest you will et to an Indian curry made by an Indian,I use this curry powder with beef and chicken and it's pack with favour and taste great
I enjoy making curry but I cant make it like indian people do, I do love using this spice because it leaves the beef cubes tasting flavoured. I dont see room for improvement. And I would definitely recommend this spice
Awesome flavour
My wife's favorite curry mix. She loves the authentic flavor
Spicy, very rich indian flavor. A must in my kitchen. Highly recommend.
I used to buy the normal mild and spicy curry but this Madras curry is just the right variety and ...not too hot with that nice spicy flavor...
Rajah Beef Madras
These blends form part of my monthly shopping. Nice flavor and aroma
Beef madras curry special
It tastes good on stews, can't go wrong with it. It taste Delicious, would recommend it to anyone who hasn't tried it yet
very tasty
I love it it is very tasty and adds more flavour to the dishes
Delicious. Adds flavour to every dish. I use all their flavours and mix them.
Great flavour guaranteed
We love Indian curries and Rajah Beef Madras is a must for adding - it gives depth of flavour and really finishes off an Indian curry. I would like to see a better container, as the current one turns to spill easily once the foil packet inside the box is opened.
It just doesn't come in hot, mild, it has added flavor like garlic with makes food more tasty and so worth it.
I used to buy the normal mild and spicy curry but this Madras curry is just the right variety and ...not too hot with that nice spicy flavour....
Rajah beef
The best ever curry i have found to add aroma to my meals. I would recommend it to anyone. The flavour of it goes a long way.. Nothing should be added or removed into this Rajah beef madras curry
My favorite brand
I love all of the Rajah curry products. This ome is one of my favorites! No curry taste ss good as Rajah does!

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