4,5 5 0 79 79 An all-in-one seasoning suitable for chicken, lamb, pasta, salads, vegetables & pizza.
Rajah Chicken Korma
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Rajah Chicken Korma
Flavorful and easy to use for various recipes. Gives my chicken stew a different taste and flavor. I have enjoyed trying out various chicken dishes with this. Awesome product.
It could be more spicy and creamier .but I did enjoy
♡ curries
I enjoy making curries sometimes its hard to make it as good as indian people , but using this spice makes it much easier to get the taste and flavours you need. I would recommend this spice
Our Special spice
May daughter and I love hot dishes, so once a week I make for the two of us and something else for the rest of the family. I absolutely adore this spice, it makes it so tasty and flavorful without the overbearing hotness that other spices give.
Lacked some oemph
Was ok, followed the recipe but it needed something, it tasted a bit bland but was edible, would rather buy another brand of base for my curry
Rajah Chicken Korma
Its a coconut based curry with a rich yoghurt and almond source.inspired by indian cuisine.It enables you to make a trendy meal.It is perfect.I wud recomend it
So tasty
I really enjoy using this product, the taste and aroma is amazing.My whole family enjoys it. I add fresh cream and serve it with rice. I would highly recommend this product. Easy to use
My favourite spices they are full of aroma and flavour
I cannot cook my food without Robertsons spice. They are flavourfull, rich and tangy.
Smelly tasty
It makes food taste well and the aroma is excellent its makes a person to be eager and hungry for food
Cook up a storm!
effortles delicious food! definitely recommended to all
CHicken Korma - Rajah
So easy to use, my son made us this for dinner one night and just followed the recipe on the back. It was amazing
Korma Chicken
This new Rajah Chicken Korma is absolutely amazing.
Great curry when you're in a hurry
We're not all blessed with the skills to make a fragrant curry. Now we don't have to be! Great taste, easy to follow instructions and you guests are always impressed!
Amazing taste and so convenient
I love chicken Korma and its difficult to find a packet sauce or powder that tastes great. I tried this and it tastes amazing. I wish it would come in a bottle. Definitely worth trying
The idea of the product is there but the flavour doesn't match perhaps this product caters to people wanting to try new recipes and also don't like their food too spicy. I would recommend it

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