Rhodes 100% Tomato Juice

4,2 5 0 84 84 Rhodes Quality delicious range of fruit juices is now available in a new 100% Tomato juice.
Rhodes 100% Tomato Juice


Tasty juice
My husband favorite juice anyday anytime, his best flavor is the apple and caneberry. And I personally like the packaging of the 2liters, it’s so nice.
It is very nice and when added a bit of spice to give better flavour
oh my world it's so delicious, i just can not get enough of this, if it's ice cold and you drink it on a hot day, it's cool and refreshing
Tomato juice
Great taste d texture but would prefer a more eco friendly packaging
Works for a Babbelas ( LOL) and Cooking .
Works great for a Babbelas ( LOL) , that is what my Husband says as i am not a big drinker , yes I would recommend this , it works great believe it or not but for cooking to . If i don't have any tomato puree i use the 100% tomato Juice and it works just as great as the tomato puree.
Rhodes Tomato juice
Love it as a bloody mary. Just add Tobasco and pepper and with or without Vodka. very refreshing.
Rhodes 100% Tamato Juice
It is very nice and when added a bit of pepper gives extra good taste.
tried and tested and love it. has various uses for this in my kitchen
This juice is one of the best i love it i buy it for my girls very month and i have tried the tomato it is drinkable and health. i hope i will get use to it .
Luv Rhodes as it actually taste like tomato juice and does not have any other junk in their products that are bad for you.
I have it all the time in my fridge. Make allot of mix healthy smoothies with it.
nice to drink and it also helps with allergies. it is a must have in your household.
I Use this product for so many recipes (spaghetti bolognaise)as an example.Always have three or four satchets in my cupboard
I enjoy my bottle of wine but not what it does to me the next day than a friend of mine told me about this tomato juice and it helped me a lot I enjoy it more now when it chilled.
I haven't tried this product.. So i don't know what it would taste like. Made of tomatoes, will there be any sweeteners added to this product.. sharon

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