4,6 5 0 113 113 Rhodes now have this appetising delicious combination that add flavour and convenience to your every meal.
Rhodes Braai Relish Diced Tomato & Onion with Sweet Chilli
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Rhodes always number 1
From their chakalaka to fruit rhodes stands out for quality and good value.Affordable and perfect meal extented.Great not just to add to a baked bean salad but also for currys and chutneys as well.
I love relish and these are BOM. It gives some sweet and hot
My cupboard staple
I always have at least 2 tins in cupboard so versatile can make anything from it quick easy to use base for so many different meals i normally add extra sweet chilli ;-)
Versatile and tasty
I love this one, we use it with braais, I add it so my pasta and my boys love it on hot-dogs and burgers.
love this braai relish. buy every month more than 5 or 6 cans my family just love it with pap and braai meat. you can use it in curries and soups.
Great product
Best ever on boerie rolls! Tasty and really good quality product and is well priced.
Quick and Easy and Tasty
A standard in my pantry cupboard. Great as a pasta sauce or an addition to the table! Family loves it!
No spices needed... for a quick jummy meal this is my go to... love the taste and you can use it in so many ways.
Delicious for pastas and very well priced.
Whenever we make pasta or even hotdog we add this relish mixture and it elevates our pasta dish! It is so easy to use and the contains all the necessary spics for awesome pasta and hotdogs. Also I found this very well priced compared to other relishes.
no more grating tomatoes
i just made the perfect kebab chutney with this, absolutely convinient a real time saver, and it tastes awesome a must buy
We make a lot of boerewors rolls at home and this has become one of the must haves to add to the rolls. Very nice taste
Oh how I love Rhodes. My cupboard is stocked with the brass relish every month amongst other Rhodes tomato and onion mixes. Never chopped a tomorrow and onion again. No more tears.
this si delicious we make it regulary with pap and wors it awesome!!!!
this is normally every month in my shopping basket as i just love to use it in everything and with everything. only complain that i have is that the tomatoes sometimes have hard bits in between them
I love this product! One can use it in so many different dishes to transform old boring dishes into something amazing!

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