4,2 5 0 79 79 Rhodes Beetroot is part of the new range from Rhodes products. The Rhodes Beetroot range comes in three variations; Sliced, Diced, and Grated.
Rhodes Grated Beetroot
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Delicious salad
I love beetroot and it is always a staple in my cupboard. I prefer the Rhodes grated beetroot which I always have as a side salad with most of my meals. I also use the leftover juice in my smoothies and it adds that refreshing zing.
Grated Beetroot
We eat beetroot everyday, lovely product. recommend
We always have a jar or two of beetroot in the house. Our preference is for the sliced ones. It perfect as a side dish to almost any meal. It is always fresh and crunchy, a must have in any home.
Everyone loves it. Even the little ones. Especially the littles ones.
For the love of beetroot
I love this beetroot, I love the taste, I love it with braaied foods, as a salad on the side. I like it alone. I just love the beetroot with mostly everything.
Rhodes beetroot
I try and keep a bottle in the grocery cupboard always as it is a convenient "side dish". I also find it not to have a strong vinegar taste like some other brands
Excellent products - it is delish on a sandwich with cheese and as a side salad.
Great product from Rhodes. Tastes like home and no mess or fuss when you need it most. For all my bredies and roasts i add my beetroot. Excellently packaged products fromRhodes I just love it!
I love this beetroot. It is filling yet low in calories and comes at such an affordable price too. Win, win, win!
What a quick way to add color and an extra vegetable serving to a plate. Will be my staple buy from now on
I love the Rhodes products - beetroot is a family favourite!
I dont buy row beetreet always buying this as easy dont add anything I always add bottle on my grocery every month
This is one of the best bottled beetroot's on the market, love it and would not hesitate to recommend it to friends
I do not like the taste of the Rhodes beetroot as much as the other brands. It lacks a bit of flavour, but still a good product.
absolutely yummy,my family love this beetroot.perfect side dish for a braai or just divine with cooked chicken or fish & salad for weekly meal especially on those hot sunny dayss.

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