4,1 5 0 71 71 Rhodes Beetroot is part of the new range from Rhodes products. The Rhodes Beetroot range comes in three variations; Sliced, Diced, and Grated.
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Excellent products - it is delish on a sandwich with cheese and as a side salad.
Great product from Rhodes. Tastes like home and no mess or fuss when you need it most. For all my bredies and roasts i add my beetroot. Excellently packaged products fromRhodes I just love it!
I love this beetroot. It is filling yet low in calories and comes at such an affordable price too. Win, win, win!
What a quick way to add color and an extra vegetable serving to a plate. Will be my staple buy from now on
I love the Rhodes products - beetroot is a family favourite!
I dont buy row beetreet always buying this as easy dont add anything I always add bottle on my grocery every month
This is one of the best bottled beetroot's on the market, love it and would not hesitate to recommend it to friends
I do not like the taste of the Rhodes beetroot as much as the other brands. It lacks a bit of flavour, but still a good product.
absolutely yummy,my family love this beetroot.perfect side dish for a braai or just divine with cooked chicken or fish & salad for weekly meal especially on those hot sunny dayss.
Best Beetroot Salad in a Bottle. Just the right recipe for Beetroot in a bottle. Yummy!!!
Absolutely divine. Very good with braai, or with Irish stew
I have tried the sliced one my best salad that I enjoy.
My husband loves the grated beetroot with all of his food. That is the one thing he always reminds me to get when shopping.
Yummy, yummy!! Really fantastic with roasts or side salad! Time saver and cost effective!
This is very nice. And so convenient to just add to baked chicken and chip for those nights that I just don't feel like cooking. Everybody in my house loves this beetroot.

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