4,7 5 0 124 124 Tomatoes have never looked this good. Promoting additional growth to a profitable category in an Italian style with Oreganum and Basil.
Rhodes Italian Style Tomatoes, Oreganum & Basil
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Wholesome Italian goodness in a tin. Can be used on its own with pasta or add some mince and parmesan cheese for a more substantial meal. Great flavour combinations!
Italian tomato
Great in pastas, braai sauces, stews and curries. Nice to have everthing in one tin. Great flavour and a timesaver as the tin already contains so much flavours so less chopping. Great product to have in your pantry
I love pasta
This product is simple and easy to add to that spaghetti bonganase and less time consuming. Makes life easier.
Makes meals smell absolutely fabulous. Lovely taste and quality product. Price is reasonable in comparison to other brands.
Canned goodness
Best thing to happen to my spaghetti bolognese 😉 I can't buy the plain canned tomatoes any more
we use this all the time when we make any mince dish - it works beautifully with mince dishes
I only buy the Rhodes products and this is my favourite one, always on my shopping list.
this is the best thing ever. I just love it. it is a must have in your household
This is great with lasagna or spaghetti bolognaise! Like the flavours a lot! Defnitely worth buying!
Big fan! use it all the time in my spaghetti! perfect with mince.
Since the price of fresh tomatoes have gone up I decided on purchasing tinned tamatoes for pasta dishes and stews. And has Rhodes up their game with this range and I have tried everyone. The best !
Love it…it’s a total time saver and its makes a great pasta sauce with the added seasoning
This is in my shopping cart every month as I love making it on top of my Italian bread with cheese in the oven...yummee...not missing one month of buy tomato, basil and origanum.
LOVE IT, the smell and the flavor it adds to the food, works really well in pastas.
Perfect for mince dishes, pastas and stews. Very tasty!

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