5 5 0 98 98 An easy open lid can, with new curry flavour to bulk and spice up an every day meal.
Rhodes Potatoes & Chick Peas in Curry Sauce
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The couple of Rhodes canned products I've tried before were just made me decide not to buy this brand again. We do love curry and we are on a vegetarian diet mostly these days so would be interested to taste this and see if it is better... or if it is still, Yukkks!
love it used in a beef curry and used to make snackwitches both were so yummy and it is so easy for a quick lunch on a weekend open tin warm put into a wrap or snackwitch lovely
Quick and easy...just add it to your chicken or meat and there you have supper ready. Love this product...saves time
No..really didn't enjoy them ..I tried it but koo must of damaged my taste buds sowi just wasn't into it..
Love this product. We've had it as a side dish, and have also added to mince for a more filling dish. Yummy
I love this product, but have been struggling to find it on the shelves for the past month!
Love this. It is great with my Curry pasta salad
The Rhodes Potatoes and chick pea is perfect for those meat free days. And its very tasty.
I have tried this , when my wife purchased for our fasting period.The taste is very palatble .I dont like veggies but this product was awesome .It was nice and spicy too
yum totally yummy . well worth buying them for quick easy and flavorful convenience
this is really great for when you are making chicken curry or just a side dish on its own
My mom gave me a tin, and I used it in a mild curry. Delicious! Definitely enhanced the flavor.
I love this product and all the other ones in the range, but have not found it in the shop the last 2 months. It seems to have disappeared off the shelves, any idea why?
Good product, puts extra taste in any curry.
I've used it in my stew, it was delicious

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