4,8 5 0 68 68 The Rhodes quality vegetables range introduces a new flavour, Potatoes & Chick Peas in Curry Sauce.
Rhodes Quality Potatoes & Chick Peas in Curry Sauce
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Loved the flavour and versatility of the product. It is a staple in our panty and can be used in meat or veggie curries or stews, also nice with some heated on the braai with diced potatoes. Its packed with flavour and goodness.
This is the best. I always ad this to my curry. A must have in by pantry.
just cooked mince and add my my curry veg tin nothing to add easy dish
its difficult to convince kids to love your food , especial when veggies are included. with Rhodes life is easy in the kitchen
I love the taste of the sauce, my boys usually dont finish food with peas but this flavor, they always want more
Since I'm the only one who eats chick peas in my family so the already prepared Rhodes potato and chick peas is ideal for me and it tastes great so no more cooking chick peas from scratch for me.. Thanks for the convince and my very own meat free take out RHODES lol ;-) :-)
I love curry veg, i eat them straight from the tin, add to curry chicken is whalala. Very tasty.
Product is so delicious mmmmmm I wish every body can try it
The flavour is so unique and always adds a spicy tangling taste to the meal!!!!
A nice help in the kitchen when you are tired. You don't need to add much to get a family meal..
For the tastiest most fragrant lamb curry you could wish for, just open a can of Rhodes Potato & Chick Pea Curry and voila - serve and wait for the compliments. This was a weekly serving during winter time. Just use a different type of meat every time. The result is amazing!
I used the potatoes and chick peas in curry sauce for the first time last week and I was stunned to taste the flavor it gave my curry pot. Everyone enjoyed the new flavor of my curry and complimented me on a lovely pot of food :) I will recommend this product to any mom who want her curry to go far and is looking for a different curry flavor.
Rhodes chick peas in curry sauce is really tasty and adds a good texture to any stew. I would like a sample to share with family and friends to see what Im always telling them about
I am a curry lover and the Rhodes product is so very nice would recommend any products of them. i also try the new Rhode's potatoes and chick peas in my lamb curry stew and it was devine. Please send me sample
If you're a curry lover like me, then I would recommend that you try Rhode's new potatoes and chick peas. Curry lamb stew is the perfect fit for this new product. The curry sauce will compliment your own special curries, bur can be use alone as well and still makes a great meal.

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