4,3 5 0 156 156 It can be used in two ways: 1)Heat and serve with any roast, pap, rice or mash. 2)Add flavour to casseroles and stews.
Rhodes Tomato & Onion Gravy
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This is so tasty and easy to use! Defiantly one of my favorites!
Great product, I use it as a sauce over chicken and meat but also as a base for stews-really versatile product
This is so tasty and easy to use! Defiantly one of my favorites!
A nice topping for a pizza base and I use it in hot dogs. quick, easy and tasty.
Rhodes in general is used in my house, this is just one of the oh so tasty additions!!
Brilliant . Always great especially with a braai. I love this.
versatile. i use this in my soups, pastas, stews and for braai relish for pap. Always make sure i have a few cans in the cupboard :)
Great product. I love it and can use it in or with so many different dishes. Always great with a braai.
It was nice. Not watery like tomato and onion mix. I just wish Rhodes would remove the tomato skins.
Works wonders when you out of tomatoes and wants to make some nice sauce. Excellent!
What a nice surprise when you open the can! A very good product and one I don't ignore when I'm doing the shopping.
well this gravy is so versatile to use in cooking. was making bolonaise and went to get ingridient when i saw this product on the shelve. tried it and it is delish.....even put on pizza base....
Just love the Rhodes Tomato and onion Gravy.Use it for so many different foods.Not even so expensive.Thumbs up for this one.
I love using this product especially in pasta's,boerie rolls etc quick and easy!!
What a product to save you time and money. Just heat and eat. I love it with my krummel pap and wors. Can be used for hotdogs as well. I added a touch of black pepper and it tasted great.

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