4,8 5 0 1522 1522 High quality range of seasonings and spices including pure Paprika from a trusted brand with a strong South African Heritage. It adds superior & intense flavour to the chicken. Just a small amount can make a big difference.
Robertsons Chicken Spice
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Robertson chicken spice
I just love this spice. Makes my chicken taste very nice
Tasty Chicken
It adds a wonderful taste and flavour to the chicken. You need less salt and works great when mixed with other spices
Not the best in the market, but will never fail you
Robertson Chicken spice does not have the best taste, it often has a taste similar to their chops spice, I wish that it had more seasoning or had a completely different taste. But it is always easy to find if you need a chicken spice
Robertson Spice
This is a go to spice for me. I love robertson spice. The flavour is always good and even if u combine it with some other spice, the food always end up being tasteful and delicious.
Delicious chicken spice
It's absolutely delicious at a very affordable price, the flavor is so amazing. You don't have to use alot and it goes a lonngggg way. My kids both under 6 loved the chicken I prepared.
My favorite
This chicken spice is my favourite family spice it makes.chicken taste so delicious its always on my shopping list
Robertsons Chicken spice
Yummy, Delicious. my family really enjoyed especially the kids. the Aroma is lovely.
Nothing more needed
This product provides you with a mouth watering experience that makes you not needing any more products. When this spice is used, you will be ensured of a mouth watering Chicken for the hole family to enjoy.
Tasty you don't have to use salt Makes food taste good affordable
all the goodness
This is the best chicken spice. I have been using this a very long time and i have tried other chicken spice, not the SAME. I like my chicken nice and crispy and the chicken stays that way after cooling off a bit. Love the spice
the best
been using this spice since I started cooking and still is the best chicken spice, i love the taste
The Best by far
Robertson's spices are truly the best,the chicken spice gives the chicken that extra taste and you can never go wrong when buying Robertson's spices.Ill defiantly recommend Robertson's spice for chicken.
Robertson's chicken spice
This product has been my main ingredient when roasting or marinating my chicken for braais. Its not too salty n has a ting in it that makes it tastier than other spices.
Great Taste
I love Robertson and this spice is one of my favorite I bought one and cooked chicken it tasted delicious
Best spices ever
Love robertsons spices. Loads of flavour...use it ALL the time!

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