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Robertsons Masterblends Aromatic Roast Potato Seasoning
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Robertsons Masterblends Aromatic Roast Potato
I absolutely love this spice...Even for vegetables and pasta dishes or to enriches certain home made sauces. It is a definite winner in my book. You can even add it to omelettes.
roasty potato
Love the aromatic roast potato it taste nice and cripsy with a touch of salt seasons to add flavor to the roast potato ,The potato's taste well and makes you want more .the aromatic smell with good taste.
Best Roast Potatoes!
I love it! It can be used on veggies too, it adds so much flavour to the dish. I like that I don't need to use salt after just using this spice. I would recommend this product definitely.
a great companion to potatoes
adds great taste to potatoes, and even vegetables. I even use it on chicken
Aunty is boss
I tried it when we buried my uncle... Look I was the best Aunty in the family... It was only for close family
potatoes have been tastier than when using aromatic roast potatoes ,wow the burst of flavors in your mouth
It's a superb spice for all roast dishes and I would recommend it all the time to friends and family whenever we have gatherings.
Just delicious!
I use this blend for practically everything like, potato and popcorn. Highly recommended!!
perfeclty blended spice and the Aroma
My favarourite Potato spice for potato wedges roast. The spice is blended perfectly. Always on my shopping list. my family loves poptatoes made with this spice.
I tried this product with the potato wedges at home. My family absolutely loved it. I'm the best cook now
my son loves potatoes so this spice has improved him eating wedges as apposed to fried chips. he loved the taste and I myself enjoyed the unique taste and I would recommend it.
The Best
i really enjoyed this spice . It works perfectly for Chips and i also used it in my mash it really brings the Aroma out and makes a Potato taste even better .
Roberson Spice
Beautiful flavour i always have stock of it in my cupboard
Best potato spice ever. We even use it when we cook mash.
Good by boring potatoes
This spice gives my potatoes amazing taste and aroma, I also love it on roast vegetables. Really great addition to my cabinet

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