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Robertsons Masterblends Aromatic Roast Potato Seasoning
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Would love to try Robertson master blends. Other products are excellent in taste wouldn't mind trying this new 1
I would love to try this. My family loves roast potatoes and wedges and this would be a perfect spice to add that extra kick of flavour
i am a BIG fan spice on my potatoe wedges and i am always looking for different flavours, i have never seen this product in Robertsons before, definitely would love to try this out
I never tried Masterblends Aromatic Roast Potato Seasoning, I think it will best on potato chips and roasted vegetable. I think my family would love it tick on my next shopping list
I do agree with you!!
have not tried this product out, love crispy potatoes, will look out for it in the shops
have not yet tried this out,will look for it in the shop and try it out
have to make a point of adding this to my shopping cart next time I'm out shopping.
I have not seen this product yet will defnitly look out for it next time i go shopping
I have not tried it but I loove potatoes so I will definitely give it a try

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