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Robertsons Masterblends Aromatic Roast Potato Seasoning
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My favourite seasoning of all time. I use it on almost anything. It goes really well with avocado.
Potatoes +Aromatic Potato Roast
With aromatic potato roast,it adds so much yummy flavour to all my potato dishes the aroma is great,and the flavour is so good. It's my go to spice for my potatoes and also use it for my chicken roast .
The Best
Robertson's Masterblends.....Aromatic Roast Potatoe spice is absolutly amazing. Love the tase and flavour.. I sprinkle it on every Roast Potatoe.. My family love this perfect blend.. Thank you Robertsons for such a quality product..
absolutely love the versatility and flavor!!! we have used it in so many dishes and in so many different ways!
Perfect potatoes 👌
My new way of making roast potatoes this a a great product my family loves my roast potatoes with the added flavour
Masterblend review
this is amazing, the spices blend so well together. My husband and kids loves this as well. the aroma that is leaves is breath taking.
Scrumptious yummy:)
Love the extra yummy factor it brings to all my roasts.
Roast potatoes
Sometimes I like to change up how I cook potatoes. The Robertson's Aromatic Roast Potato spice is full of flavour and a welcome change to the usual manner of roasting.
Robertsons spices are by far the best and this Masterblends collection is great! I use all of them, and this one in particular is just perfect for roast potatoes! Makes the meal especially tasty.
Robertsons is the best spice company. Elevates all my dishes, good on sweet potatoes as well.
I literally changed my brand for this potato spice. It is simply amazing, I love using this for roast potato's on a Sunday and sometimes my chicken and it has a lovely smell as well.
Love the colour
The smell it is just so amazing, you can see the mixed spices on as you sprinkle it on the potatoes. I also use it on my chicken roast. The only improvement, maybe to make a bigger size one.
Amazing Flavors
Masterblends aromatic roast patato has an amazing flavor. i dont only use it for patato's it works with all vegetables. Its a great addition to the spice range. I would recommend this product.
Potatoes ... best dressed with masterblend
Potatoes and this spice... hmmmm doesn't get any better than this. What a yummy treat!
Robertsons Masterblends Aromatic Roast Potato Seasoning
if you haven't tried this, you should. this is just putting the WOW into any potato, simply yummee!! go on try it, you wont regret it

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