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Robertsons Masterblends Aromatic Roast Potato Seasoning
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Love love love it. I am a chef and I put this seasoning onto my potatoes when I'm cooking at home. It is full of flavour and leaves you wanting more and more!
Masterblends Aromatic Roast Potato
It has made such a difference to roast potatoes. So much so that my husband says when I make roast potatoes I must make my special roast potatoes with that special spice I use. Thanks Robertson’s for a great spice.
Awesome seasoning
Love this seasoning on potatoes but can also be used to add flavor to a medley of roast vegetables.
This is one of my most favourite Robertson Blends. I love potatoes, but roasted is the ultimate comfort food for me. The blend is the perfect mix of salty and sweet, with a fantastic blend of aromatic spices. Delicious!
Lovely sweet taste not too salty. Makes me eat more potatoes than I should. I love Robertsons spices. The aromatic flavor combination is fantastic.
Amazingly tasty patatoes.... Love the master blend products
Roast potato wedges
It literally is the best for seasoning potato.Rich flavor and aroma ,I like that it melts in perfectly either seasoned before or after cooking .My diet with potatoes as a substitute for other starch foods has been a great journey 👍
I love it
One of the most addictive, I don't use only on potatoes, I actually use it in almost everything I cook. The taste and smell makes the food 200 percent enjoyable and delicious,.
Tasty Potatoes
I love potatoes and I like to make them different all the time. When I came across the spice I was happy to try it and I Love It.
Best of the best
The best ever and once you have used it you wouldn't never you other brand.
Wedge must have
Love to make my own potato wedges and sprinkle some Robertson Aromatic Potato magic. It's a hit in my household, I know cause everyone cleans up everything in their plates. Some more is always requested.
Nice and tasty
This seasoning is very nice and tasty. You can us it for potato chips as well.
Its flovourful, not harsh spicy. Blends well with potatoes. Loved it all the way.
Too sweet
I don’t hate this product, I just find it too sweet. It’s lacking in flavor and I usually need to spruce it up with additional spice.
One of my favorite seasoning.I like it more when I sprinkle it over my roasted butternut,potato and sweet potato...umm it's your yummy and flavorful

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