4,6 5 0 285 285 A delicious combination of Peri-Peri, Lemon and Garlic. For the authentic taste of Portugal, brush chicken with oil and sprinkle generously with seasoning, then grill, braai or bake. Great on other meats and seafood too.
Robertsons Portuguese Chicken Seasoning
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Cook in a bag
I love this spices, definitely good in a cook in a bag bursting with flavour very enjoyable on chicken of all kinds. No improvements needed and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys this flavour
One of my Favs
I love this spice on my roast and even when making rich n creamy prawn in fresh cream pasta. I love this taste and think that everyone should try it. I would definitely recommend this product.
The taste is a bit strange
I won’t lie, for me this spice had a very weird taste that I just couldn’t get around. I’ll try it one more time. But for now I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite
Fantastic taste
My chicken is not chicken till I use Portuguese Chicken spice, whether grilling, roasting or on a braai. The taste is just out of this world.
My husband is a die hard fan of this spice. Hahaha he literally uses it for everything. Everytime we have a braai, anything with chicken, this spice is always in the mix. I love it, infact we love it.
Portuguese chicken spice
Gives roast chicken a lovely spicy taste. Smells great
The perfect Portuguese flavour
This spice gives the perfect Portuguese chicken flavour, unaccompanied by no other spices. The flavour goes right to the bone, and when spiced right it gives extra flavour to your dry breast chicken.
Best chicken spice ever!!!
A must have in my kitchen.. Absolutely love Portuguese chicken spice...
My favorite
I tried this product out of curiosity. I loved it, I have switched to it and never looked back. I love the flavor and the aroma. I love that it is available in different sizes, from sachets right through to catering sizes. Zero complaints
Best roasted chicken
I make the best roasted chicken with potatoes wedged using this spice
On the list
This is definitely one of the items i keep on my monthly grocery list ,i love flavor, this has a unique taste and i don"t only use it for chicken but for general cooking just to add flavor
Full flavoured chicken spice
It gives a real portuguese dish taste and chilly sizzling taste.
Cook with it almost every time I make chicken, one if the better flavours I have tried
robertsons spice has never let me down. it gives my food that exstra good taste.
Great taste
Love the taste and is a good alternative of my normal chicken spices from Robertson. But I am missing the consistency between packets. The level of hotness 🌶 was excellent in the one and the other it was too spicy. But still very nice :)

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