4,7 5 0 932 932 <p>There’s a new adventure waiting in the mix, refreshing, tasty, and a reliable quench buster. From refreshing drinks to elaborate cocktails, if only everything was as easy as mixing with Rose's. </p> <p>The great taste of Rose's is now available in ready-to-drink cans. Explore the six exciting flavours and discover your mix with Rose's Pre-Mixed. The best thirst quencher that leaves you wanting more.</p>
Rose’s Carbonated Fruit Drinks
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Even better than mixing your own flavoured roses concentrate is getting it sparkled, and mixed for you in exactly the right proportions in a can!
love the flavors , refreshing and easy to grab on the go
These flavours are really refreshing. The taste is also good and not overwhelming wit much sugar or acid.
Love the Roses variety
i really enjoy the Roses range, for my Gin adult drink or just on a hot summers day with some Ice. truly refreshing drink.
My fave restaurant drink at home
With this i get to take my fave restaurant drink home with me Passion Fruit and Lemonade is the drink of choice. The look of the can should be upgraded though it has looked like this for too long.
Passion fruit and lemonade
I like the taste of this soft drink. It’s sweet and full of sparkels
I have to admit that the ready mixed cans are convenient, but it does not have optimal flavour.
Rose's cordial cans is a good product.
When going to an event like a braai, instead of carrying around the cordial and lemonade or soda water, you can just buy these pre-mixed cans of Rose's. There is little difference between mixing the cordial drink yourself and the can. The pre-mixed cans also comes in lemonade and soda water so you can choose whatever you prefer.
try something new
i love fizzy colddrinks but get so bored of the same over and over and these roses in the can are perfect for when you want to try something different and new. it tastes delicious and is a real treat
Amazing taste
Wow..this drink leaves an absolutely amazing taste in your mouth.The flavors is just to die for...Thanks HTC
I love it as it goes so well with my adult drinks. Was also able to make ice lollies for the kids.
love the new flavors
just love the new flavors. you can mix it with any adult drink and still taste the goodness. love the lime its the best.
Too good on my palate just it's not enough to quench thirst the taste of flavour offered is original and the carbonated part is off note no worries that it will change taste after time opened I'm happy but its availability is scare limited to resturants in certain areas
excellent taste
love this the taste is still the same and packaging is just enough and no wastage.
I enjoyed the taste of the passion fruit & lemonade, as well as the lime & lemonade. I would not use it regularly though purely due to the cost of each can.

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