4,7 5 0 1176 1176 <p>There’s a new adventure waiting in the mix, refreshing, tasty, and a reliable quench buster. From refreshing drinks to elaborate cocktails, if only everything was as easy as mixing with Rose's. </p> <p>The great taste of Rose's is now available in ready-to-drink cans. Explore the six exciting flavours and discover your mix with Rose's Pre-Mixed. The best thirst quencher that leaves you wanting more.</p>
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love the new flavors
just love the new flavors. you can mix it with any adult drink and still taste the goodness. love the lime its the best.
Too good on my palate just it's not enough to quench thirst the taste of flavour offered is original and the carbonated part is off note no worries that it will change taste after time opened I'm happy but its availability is scare limited to resturants in certain areas
excellent taste
love this the taste is still the same and packaging is just enough and no wastage.
I enjoyed the taste of the passion fruit & lemonade, as well as the lime & lemonade. I would not use it regularly though purely due to the cost of each can.
Best Drink on the Market
I love refreshing drinks but i'm not a fan of sugary drinks so naturally this is the best product, with various flavours that are all so tasty and they go amazingly with other drinks.
Rose’s Carbonated Fruit Drinks
My favourite is the Lime and Lemonade and the passion fruit and lemonade flavours. Thoughtful packaging and new easily available varients. Glad I'm forced to buy the 750ml anymore.
Mmmm satisfaction
I love it doesnt have too much sugar and can mix with adult drinks
Very refreshing!
This is absolutely delicious and the flavours are delicious. I would buy it again because it does not contain a lot of sugar.
Great taste, I don't know what one is my favorite. If i have to choose it will be dry lemon.
Love it
Cola tonic is my favourite drink and I loved these cans!
Totally satisfying
My favourite is the passion fruit and lemonade and also lemon and lime. Kids are addicted and prefer this to other sodas.
Passion fruit and lemonade
I love the taste of passion fruit and lemonade...Perfect taste
These fruit drinks are simply delicious. The passion fruit is my favourite.
awesome product
I absolutely love Rose's cordials. passion fruit tops it for us in the house. they're versatile and you can make anything out of them. these come highly recommended. they're easy to use and the taste is amazing. it doesn't break the wallet too.
Rose's fruit drinks
Ok I haven't received my sample at that time. Tried the passion fruit and lemonade. Tasty and refreshing.

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