4,7 5 0 1176 1176 <p>There’s a new adventure waiting in the mix, refreshing, tasty, and a reliable quench buster. From refreshing drinks to elaborate cocktails, if only everything was as easy as mixing with Rose's. </p> <p>The great taste of Rose's is now available in ready-to-drink cans. Explore the six exciting flavours and discover your mix with Rose's Pre-Mixed. The best thirst quencher that leaves you wanting more.</p>
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it's a good product especially lime & lemonade and passion fruit & lemonade
Passion Fruit with Lemonade ad crushed ice what a refreshing to drink to enjoy your meal.
Yes i love them all and the family loves it We use it with all bday parties and also work funtions It also goes very well with a alcoholic drink
I love it when it's cold it quenches my thirst. It's my favorite drink even when having guests in summer
A personal favorite brand! Would like to try all the flavors but so far I've only tried the dry lemon as well as the passion fruit and lemonade and they both get a big thumbs up from me! It's convenient to drink anywhere especially as a refreshing drink at work
My favourite is the Dry lemon flavour . It is subtle and not over bearing and it's refreshing and lovely!
Tried most of the flavours. It is best serve chilled with lots of ice. It is perfect fir mixers and easy to take away.
Love the Passion Fruit and lemonade.Must be enjoyed chilled. The other flavors and too bad either, but prefer that passion fruit and lemonade.
I enjoyed all the flavors tested. Would definitely buy as a treat...quite pricey!
Love the passion fruit flavor, great mix, refreshing and tasty.
I have tried the Rose's Passion fruit & Lime . Really refreshing and delicious drink, i never come back from shopping without buying it. My husband and kids really find it refreshing 💕👌i love it
Refreshing in one go, no mixing. Love it. quick and easy
I received a sample from a lady I work with- they are quite nice. way better than the ice tea. I love the flavouring. not too sweet either. great product.
My favourites are the lime and soda, passion-fruit and lemonade and off course the dry lemon. I love the products and it is always on my shopping list.
It's a staple in our household.I always go for passion fruit and lemonade even at the restaurants.It's amazingly refreshing and tasty too.My kids and I enjoy the different flavours

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