4,7 5 0 73 73 Schweppes Mazoe has a fruitier, fuller taste, it is also exceptional value for money; A full 40, 250ml glasses from 2 litres, while still offering intense flavour. Mazoe offers your taste buds a strong, exotic, African experience.
Schweppes Mazoe Premium Orange Squash Concentrate
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Keep u cool
My mom used to buy this more than a decade ago... It was lovely. Haven't seen it at stores lately
My mom introduced me to this juice and when I bought my husband and son loved it.
Love this mix. Thirst quenching. Not too sweet and not tasteless. Zimbabwe product. Awesome.
its a very strong fruity flavour and it really does quench the thirst
This is a premium quality cooldrink. It is very flavourful and you can actually taste the fruit. The intense flavour also means that it lasts longer. My husband and kids love this, we also freeze it as lollies as well on hot days. Highly recommended.
I've been an oros fan for as long as I can remember but this has become my number 1
My choice of squash, loved by kids too. A friend bought it for me and ever since am buying it every month . Make it easily available in all grocery stores and add more flavours
I first tasted Mazoe when I was in Zim. Although I'd seen students bringing it from home, I had never tried it. I must say, I was missing out! It doesnt taste synthetic. It packs a punch as you don't need a lot to make a glass of it. Great product.
Mazoe orange has always been a great success. Original Mazoe Orange was started in Rhodesia, at the Mazoe Citrus Estates. If it is the same recipe you cannot go wrong.
I love this cordial! As a child my family used to bring bottles of it from Zimbabwe. Its not sickly sweet and actually tastes like orange. I have no problem giving it to my children as it doesn't contain tartrazine. I hope they bring the other flavours in as well.
Impressed!! It's not a "copy cat" product. Has its own unique taste. It's a refreshing take on the conventional orange flavour. It gives that real orange feel with that sour burst like "drinking" a real orange. Addictive at all hours and wonderful accompanied with lunch at work. Best when ice cold and at a very affordable price.
One of my favourite beverages of all time. Very refreshing with ice and the kids enjoy it over sodas.
Its very refreshing without being too sweet. I buy 2L every week and with ice cold water the thirst goes. It does not have the after taste other cordials have. Great product.
We buy the 5L of Schweppes Mazoe twice a Month... It's that addictive, Love It. *It's cheap. *It's sweet. *It's very similar to oros (not sure if i'm allowed to say that) but it is my favourite juice. only thing I have an issue with is that it doesn't mix well, a few minutes after mixing it with water you tend to see that it didn't mix well.
My Family LOVE this juice. WE buy it every week. Cant imagine my household without this juice!

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