4,6 5 0 91 91 Sensodyne Rapid Relief is clinically proven for fast relief of sensivity pain, its unique formula acts in seconds to quickly create a barrier over sensitive areas of your teeth.
Sensodyne Rapid Relief & Long Lasting Protection
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Great toothpaste
I love Sensodyne toothpastes! At my home me and husband always used it, not only as a simple toothpaste, but also because we both have sensitive teeth, Sensodyne to me is the number one when you need to treat this problem, and it really give us a relief!
Excellent product
Excellent product, used it during my pregnancy when removing a tooth is the last thing on your mind, budget and schedule
the best
it really helped my mom during her tooth times of toothache and bleeding gums, using it is 100% worth it
Horrible toothpaste!
I tried this back in February and a couple of other times after that as well and absolutely hated this product because it made my gums feel raw and super sore and even gave me canker sores! Initially I did not think that this toothpaste was the culprit but after trying it again, I noticed that the sore gums and canker sores would appear whenever I would use this. My mom tried this as well and it had the same effect on her. Would definitely NOT recommend this product to anyone.
Rapid relief
I love this product Fast relief for sensitive teeth
Sensitive sensodyne
This really works as a familly we started using it when it was recomended by ou dentist and it works although he recommended colgate for my daughter's teeth we still prefer sensodyne. It really works
Sensodyne Rapid Relief
Definitely does what its supposed to do. I only use Sensodyne now and its hard to use the cheaper ranges. I must be honest, I only purchase it when its 3 for 2 as I have a big family.
Works without a doubt. Rapid relief immediate. Fantastic indeed
Best product
I just bought it and feel d different in my gums and painfull tooth stop. It the best ever since i used it no painful tooth or swollen gums. I total love it
Sensodyne Rapid Relief
It really works for the relief part but it hurts my gums when I brush my teeth. We only bought it once last year and we haven't bought it again sorry
Value for money
Sensodyn is in a league of it's own. I love your toothpaste it is gentle and great for sensitive teeth. I introduced my mom to this brand, she can't deal with any other brand now😂
Since I have been using this toothpaste I don't suffer from toothaches any longer.... Even the heat or cold sensitive teeth is no longer an issue....
Sensodyne Rapid Relief & Long Lasting Protection
This product is fantastic. Works extremely well. I have used this several times and will always use this
I highly recommend this product. I was suffering from toothache a colleague advised me to change tooth paste. I did its the best. Even my children use it.
Brush brush....brush
I'm a person that really brushes my teeth too hard. And over the years it made my gums move away from the upper area of my teeth which it had to protect. In time my teeth became very sensitive to hot and cold. I can truly say that Sensodyne Rapid Relief helped with the sensitiveness and is so far very good with protecting my teeth from cavities

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