Shield 72-hour Advanced Protection antiperspirant Roll-on

4,8 5 0 1141 1141 The NEW Shield 72-hour Advanced Protection antiperspirant offers advanced sweat protection against body odour. It is MotionActivated, maintaining freshness throughout the day. <br> <br> The NEW Shield 72-hour protection formulation is proven to work harder and longer than most deodorants and is bound to keep you dry and smelling fresh during ordinary and extraordinary days.<br> <br> Available in-store at Pick 'n Pay, Checkers, Spar and Shoprite, as well as online at
Shield 72-hour Advanced Protection antiperspirant Roll-on


Sheild deodorant
Super love it works wanders for me its not hash and it keeps me dry for long
shield 72 hour advance protection
so i used shield in the past it was not good it made me sweat and my clothing was stained nothing so mybe ill try this new one and let youll know how it went
It is gentle on my underarms and keeps me dry for long. You can never go wrong with shield.
Use this product
Shield Classic I liked and use. I also use sure and confidence Shield.
Roll on
This is an amazing product it kept me dry for the entire day until the evening it’s has a fresh shower fragrance I felt fresh all day. It keeps my skill soft and did not mess my clothes
I love Shield... it's a roll which I love snf feel super confident using. All day fresh feeling.
Awesome product. Didn't test 72hours yet
Shield 72 Hour Dry Confidence
It is gentle on my skin,smells nice and last longer.
100% Protection #SHIELD
I always use this product it never disappoint me no sweat no odour.i love it
Fresh and good odour
Our household relies on this product to keep us dry underneath our arms and smelling fresh! And we have never ever purchased any other brand after trying this. Thank you for the amazing product
Love it
Everyone in my house is using it,it keeps us dry the whole day.N dose not leave any stains in the cloths i really love it n it last for 3days if u put it.I can reccomend it to my family n friends.
Shield roll on
Works for me. I've tried many other products but some leaves stains and it doesn't keep smell fragrance too long. With Shields product it smells good it last longer and it doesn't leave any stains. My personal view only
This is definitely an amazing product. The smell lasts the whole day and you smell fresh.
I really recommend everyone who is not sure about this product. I have been using shield roll-on for a long time. This is the perfect product, doesn't leave stains on your clothes, smells so nice for 72 hours, no sweety at all. This is really amazing don`t hesitate at all, I can guarantee you that you can never go wrong with shield roll-on, no irritation after using it
Good product smel the hole day nice and clean.and you arms is not swettie

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