Shower to Shower MEN 24h Active Energy Deodorant

4,4 5 0 58 58 24h Active Protection to keep you feeling fresh & confident all day long.
Shower to Shower MEN 24h Active Energy Deodorant


Seems great
Hubby has tried it last longer the fragrance has normal deodorants have every spray is like a shower
Unhappy hubby
I bought this for my husband and he wasn't to pleased with me. It made white marks and it didn't agree with his skin
Shower to Shower Men
Revitalising and long lasting after shower feeling. The cost is very competative and value for money
My son love it, it's cheap yet it is amazing the scent last longer... Son is happy mom is saving 😉
Great smell
Easy to use, great product that works especially for a long day. Great smell
The power of protection
Great, all day protection, especially now with the summer approaching. Gentle on sensive skin.
best for beginners
I buy shower to shower products for my teenage son and he has sensitive skin, and its the only product that doesn't give him rashes or let's him itch, like I said its the best on the market for beginners even if you don't know they have sensitive skin.... My son always runs for the toiletries isle when we enter checkers or pick n pay
Sjower to Sjower Men
This is a good Deodrant my husband feels good after a days work from sweating and he still smells good.
shower to shower men 24 hour active
showet to shower has a good long lasting smell and dry and fresh
Shower to Shower Men
I always buy this for my husband and my boys. It smells fresh and clean.
Average product
My husband tried this and was left with an average impression. Although it smells nice he said he did not remain sweat free throughout the day and it left white stains on black clothing. He prefers Nivea or Dove. Although the deodorant is very well priced so that is definitely a bonus.
Shower to Shower Deodorant
Must say I was happy with this deodorant, it kept me fresh and last long, a good product
Shower to Shower MEN 24h Active Energy Deodorant
I love this deodorant. It keeps me dry and fresh the entire day.
New Favourite
My wife purchased this deodorant for me and I am so pleased, was never a shower to shower fan in the past, but I am impressed with this range.
my son is a keen soccer and rugby player-after trying many products this is the one he absolutely loves !!

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