5 5 0 52 52 Snowflake Baking Powder is double acting and is available in tins as well as refill packs.
Snowflake Baking Powder
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i bought snowflake baking powder in a tin in the middle of 2013. i have used it in a variety of meals and recommend it. i will buy the refills next time, as the tin is still in good condition.
My son lves to bake and I bought the Snowflake baking powder. he now only uses it.
A great product in great packaging, looks lovely in my cupboard and always produce the greatest baking
The tin idea is very good for all the tin collectors.
This is still the best baking powder make by far. it is my most trusted also. absolutely love it
Love the tin, so much easier and convenient. Do not have to put the box in plastic anymore
Love the tin and keeps baking powder fresh and easy to find in my grocery cupboard!
I have tried the baking powder and the fact that it comes in a tin is great
Love snowflake and absolutely love the tins, reminds me of the good old days.which always makes you just want to bake.
I was so happy to see this product on the shelve, I love baking with Snowflake, this completes my baking experience and the packaging is just great.
love the new tin is is so much better then the sachets. really wish they would bring out a tin for the flower as well no spill and mess just open take out a spoon and scop so much better great...
Gone with days of sachets rolled up and making the kitchen cupboards untidy. Great -Innovation
The tin is so much easier and convenient just luv it
My 9yr old loves baking and the tin is much easier for her to handle ... just love it
This is perfect in a tin. I bake often and this is wonderful.

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