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Snowflake Corn Flour Tub
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Corn flour
There is a reason why Snowflake's slogan is "too fresh too flop". Great corn flour.
I especially love using this to thicken my white sauce. Makes it rich and creamy.
Childrens favourite
This product is excellent. I make what we call mazina porridge for the children and they absolutely love it. The container is excellent, originally used the brand (mazina) its a cardboard box that you cant seal.
this makes the best white sauce everrrrrr. i will recommend this for each and everyone of you.
I simply love the tub. snowflake is a trusted brand that always gives good results, the reseal able tub is a bonus.
I have tried it & its nice, I also love the tub which is reusable.
Keeps fresher for longer and convenient in the cupboard, much better than the boxes
Just love the tub now I know there is no bugs or anything in my cornflour
Oh yes, a definite improvement from the previous packaging. Well done Snowflake !
I tried this and absolutely love it. My 9-year old daughter loves helping me cook and bake and it is so much easier for her to handle than the box. Yippee!!!
I love that it now comes in a container...so much better. Great product.
At last, cornflour in a container instead of a silly box that becomes dirty and broken with use. No need to hunt around for a tub to pour the contents into. Now how about containers for flour??
Love the tub, much neater and tidier than the box.
Definitely neater and tidier than using a box. Benefits are you know its sealed tightly so no accidental spills or mess!
So much better than trying to keep a box sealed. Much less messy and for a neat freak like me, this is the best thing!!

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