4,3 5 0 56 56 If you are hungry for the flavours of home, try this new flour mix and make those irresistible eats all the time with Magwenya flavour!
Snowflake Magwenya Flour Mix (Vetkoek)
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Amazing Product
I was a bit skeptical when i first got this product, you know NOBODY can make vetkoek like your ouma or aunty. Well, hallo!!! it was amazing and my kids (all five of them) devoured them.
Easy and fast!
Well I grew up loving amagwinya. ..and my granny used to make nice ones...but my one never really tasted as good as hers...reason being that I was failing in mixing my flour the correct way but with this flour...it made things easier for me...now when ever I'm craving amagwinya I use this flour and I love it soo much it's just easy to use and make delicious magwinyas!
Love it My husband used it to make a cheese sauce for mac cheese i made spinach cheese muffins
my neighbor always made these beautiful vetkoeks which were always so yum and fresh and would never give me the recipe as she said "white woman cant make it like I do " lol I have found the secret lil packet tried it out myself and made her taste it she was shocked and amazed as it was oh so lovely and fluffy inside ..... she still thinks i made it from scratch .... shhhh our secret!
This is so funny I've just done mix right now waiting for 30min so I can start cooking. My kids love it when I'm making them magwena and it's very easy.
I have not try magwinya product I would wish to try it
So convenient... quick and easy to use and tastes great!
This Magwenya (Vetkoek) mix is really easy to make and very tasty. Although it is not as sweet as the Magwenya you buy from the street vendors, my children still enjoyed them and asked for more.
I tried this at my grans place so quick and easy to make and really light and delicious!!!
This is the first time I see this product I would really like to give it a try
Have tried many times to make vetkoek....always a flop. Will really like to try it out
i like my magwinyas can i recieve the product to taste this flour
I cannot wait to try this out. I make Vetkoek from scratch every time and always take for ever for the dough to rise. I will definitely try this out.
Wow Wow Wow, this are becoming easier for us...i would love to try this
I have not tried this product before, even thou I only use Snowflake. This must be new I have not seen them on the shelves yet. Could you send samples please

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